Beaterator spinning on PSP

An enhanced version of Rockstar's Web-based music mixer is coming to Sony's portable with the help of hip-hop producer Timbaland.


Several years ago, Rockstar Games reached out to would-be DJs everywhere with Beaterator. Offered for free on its Web site, the flash-based application let users create their own tracks using various drum loops and samples crafted by major club DJs such as Juan Atkins and King Britt.

Soon, gamers will be able to mix music on their PlayStation Portables. Today, Rockstar announced that its Leeds studio, which developed the two Grand Theft Auto PSP games, is readying a version of Beaterator for Sony's handheld. Set for release this summer, the game will feature new sounds created by famed hip-hop producer Timbaland, who has worked with such artists as Nas, Jay-Z, and Missy Elliot.

Though it contained effusive statements of excitement from Timbaland and Rockstar founder Sam Houser, the Beaterator announcement was short on details about the PSP title's gameplay. All it said was that Beaterator is a "powerful music mixer with robust beatmaking features" and will sport an "addictive collection of original music and rhythm games and challenge modes."

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Why Timbaland? I say, hack FL studio, and you got yourself the exact same thing.

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i think the game will suck

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I got the music maker for the ps2 I love music I might check it out.

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man. i create songs on beaterator a lot! i think the psp version will open new horizons for rockstar. *if u ppl don't know how it works, check it out: << LINK REMOVED >>

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no beterator is NOT a beatmania ripoff. if you would go to rockstar's website, its actually a production program where you can make beats from their website and sometimes submit your beats for contests on their site. its kinda like mtv music generator, but better

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Sounds cool. Go Rockstar

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You can't give it away for free, then come back and expect people to pay for it.

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Alot of people who make beats don't have laptops. This goes for hip-hop heads and people who make electronic music. If this can load up samples (whether loops or drum/instrument hits) from a memory stick, alot of people would be interested in it. I make music and I'd definately give it a shot. Throw in a synthesis engine or two, allow resampling of synth parts and give it a good bit of polyphony and you have an excellent way of jotting down quick ideas while on the road.

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I've been waiting for something like this! Now, with my $200 PSP and my $50 Beaterator software, I'll be able to get in the game with Timbaland, Jermaine Dupri, and Kanye West! If any of you dudes have rhyming / singing skills, I'm gonna be selling tracks starting in Q4 of 2007. ;)

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Beatmania rip off?

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I have no idea

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awesome - hope its good

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Sounds good. Timbaland's allright.

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Sounds lame

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Timbaland making the beats??? Thats tight I might be cool

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Mixing music? Sounds pretty neat. Though I don't think it will have a lasting appeal.

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Timbaland is one of the best producers out there right now. He may come across as hip hop but his sound is different and is a mixture of pop as well. Look what he did for Justin Timberlake & Nelly Futardo* who is screaming in his ear in her current song. Let's hope he is not def like Foxy Brown when it comes time to produce and listen lol

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not bad

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i dont thinks its just for rap though they might let u put songs onto it and make your own mix so it works for anyone as long as you make it sound good

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I love mixing music... and i love my psp.... this is perfect!

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Not really into current-day hip hop, but I acknowledge Timbaland is a masterful producer. Remove the artist/pop culture from the picture and isolate some of the beats/loops he's created over the last decade, and obviously the dude's got skills. Unless the Rockstar game is totally over-the-top rap cheese, I'd check out a PSP music maker that Timba's attached to, absolutely. Good times on the plane/train.

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A music mixer game for the PSP? That's weird. At least it's unique I guess..

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sweet... too bad im not in the rap scene...

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Sweet. Now I can make beats on my PSP and then go to public places and rap over them. I'll be the coolest man alive.

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Fits the PSP's image so well.

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customizing music on my psp..i was waiting for this...ill jus have to see how this works

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Timbaland is the man