Bayonetta 3 Director Tells Fans To Ask Nintendo For PlayStation And Xbox Versions

If you want Bayonetta 3 on other platforms, you better ask Nintendo.


Hideki Kamiya, the director of Bayonetta 3, says that if fans want to see the game come to other platforms, then they should tell Nintendo.

Bayonetta 3 is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch. Kamiya said on Twitter (via Google Translate), "Bayo 3, like Bayo 2, is being developed with funding from Nintendo." Platinum Games is only handling the development of the game and all product decisions are decided by Nintendo.

He continues, "So, for example, if you have a request such as 'put it out on another model', please contact Nintendo. If Nintendo asks us to 'port it to PS5' and provide funding, we may receive it." Porting Bayonetta 3 to PlayStation or Xbox isn't completely out of the question, it's just that the decision is entirely up to Nintendo, and the company hasn't branched out to PC as Sony and Microsoft have.

Previous Wii U exclusive titles have become multi-platform releases after the console's lifecycle ended, including The Wonderful 101 and Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater. This year's Bravely Default 2 was released on Steam this past month after launching as a Switch exclusive back in February. Games like Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Daemon X Machina, and Octopath Traveler saw PC versions down the line, too, although they were not published by Nintendo.

The first Bayonetta was a multiplatform game that originally didn't release on a Nintendo system at all. However, Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive because the game would not exist without Nintendo's publishing.

Bayonetta 3 was announced back in 2017 at The Game Awards and after years of little substantial updates, it finally received a new trailer during last week's Nintendo Direct. The game will launch sometime in 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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