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Battletoads Reboot Notches One Million Players Two Months After Launch

Rare's new Battletoads--released more than 25 years since the series' previous entry--has now achieved one million players.


We live in an era of constant reboots, rehashes, and reimagingings, and the Battletoads series is no exception. Now, two months after the release of an unlikely new entry, Dlala Studio's Battletoads reboot has hit more than one million players between Xbox One and PC, likely thanks to its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass.

In a blog post, publisher Rare also revealed some other key metrics for the game, including the fact that Rash is the most-selected Battletoad. Players have collectively died more than 80 million times on their adventures--that's a lot of dead amphibians. The post also notes that the fastest speedrun for the full game clocks in at around one hour 40 minutes. Additionally, if you beat Act 1 of Battletoads, you will unlock a free set of cosmetics for Sea of Thieves, Rare's multiplayer pirate adventure.

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In GameSpot's Battletoads review, critic Mike Epstein called the game a mostly-successful nostalgia trip, though he faulted the game's shoot-'em-up levels for their lack of depth.

"Despite that, I walked away wishing there was a lot more Battletoads," he wrote. "Most of the game's foundation is solid. The beat-'em-up combat, the art, and a lot of secondary gameplay is surprising and fun. Though its blend of gameplay variations feels unbalanced at times, and it isn't always the laugh-riot it tries to be, Battletoads is an entertaining little romp."

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