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BattleTech Celebrates 40th Anniversary With New Edition Of The Original Board Game

BattleTech 40th Anniversary Edition releases on June 12 and is available to preorder now at Amazon.


The tactical sci-fi franchise, BattleTech, is turning 40 this year, and it's celebrating by launching a new edition of the original board game. Since its debut in 1984, the BattleTech franchise has branched out to video games, novels, TV, and more, but the series started as a tabletop board game dubbed BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat. As such, BattleTech's 40th Anniversary Edition will be worth checking out whether you're a longtime fan who wants to commemorate the occasion or a newcomer interested in trying the classic game for the first time. It's available to preorder now at Amazon for $60 ahead of its June 12 release.

If you'd prefer to check out BattleTech sooner, you'll be glad to know that a variety of board games and expansions are on sale ahead of the 40th Anniversary Edition's launch. Your best bet is to check out the original game, which is discounted to $48 (down from $60). However, there's a cheaper BattleTech: Beginner's Box for $24, so give it a look if you want something more affordable.

BattleTech isn't the only classic board game that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The fantasy adventure game Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, which originally released in 1983, is making a comeback. Unlike BattleTech, it's not easy to find a reasonably priced copy of Talisman, as it's been out of print for awhile and hasn't received a new edition since 2008. Preorders are now open for the fifth edition of Talisman ahead of its August 1 release date.

If you want to pick up other expansions or miniature collections for BattleTech to go alongside the 40th Anniversary Edition, be sure to check out all of Amazon's current offers on expansions and miniatures sets..

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