BattleTech 3025 canceled

Electronic Arts pulls the plug on its massively multiplayer online mech combat simulation.


Electronic Arts has announced that it will not publish BattleTech 3025, its massively multiplayer online mech combat simulation. The game is currently in closed beta testing, and the servers for the game will be shut down on December 6. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game, and visit the game's official Web site

Electronic Arts announced last month that it was 2819774cutting its online staff by approximately a third. The company later told GameSpot that it was 2821009reevaluating BattleTech 3025 to determine if it was worth releasing. Electronic Arts released its online conspiracy adventure game previous coverage in August, and it recently released previous coverage , its massively multiplayer online driving game. EA's upcoming online games include the online virtual-life game previous coverage , Westwood's sci-fi role-playing game previous coverage , and Origin Systems' next online role-playing game expansion, previous coverage , all of which are scheduled for release in early 2002.

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