Battlefront demo on Star Wars Trilogy DVD

Upcoming DVD box set will reportedly let buyers sample the Xbox version of LucasArts' shooter. But will it be playable?


Star Wars: Battlefront (2004)

It won't be released until September 21, but the Star Wars Trilogy is already the best-selling DVD of all time. Online retailers have reported to Video Business magazine that preorders for the four-disc DVD set are already far above expectations, even though none of the box set's special features have been revealed.

However, details about its bevy of extras began to emerge today. Besides a commentary by George Lucas and several making-of documentaries, the Star Wars Trilogy will have one item of particular interest to gamers. According to Video Business and a product listing on, the fourth bonus DVD will feature a demo of the LucasArts sci-fi shooter Star Wars: Battlefront.

However, the question remains: Will the Battlefront demo be playable, or will it merely be a demonstration? The fact that the product listing describes the demo as Xbox-only would lead one to believe that it would be playable. If it wasn't, why wouldn't the PlayStation 2 and PC versions not be mentioned? However, the fact that the demo is listed as having a 15-minute duration makes it sound like a noninteractive, video-only gameplay exhibition.

Unfortunately, since the Star Wars Trilogy's extras have not been officially revealed yet, the people who could clear up this confusion are not talking. Calls and e-mails to LucasArts representatives went unreturned as of press time.

Star Wars: Battlefront is slated to ship in September. Developed by Pandemic Studios, it will have a staggered release schedule. As a result, the PC version will come out September 4, followed two weeks later by the PlayStation 2 edition. The Xbox iteration will follow the PS2's release by one week. Check out GameSpot's preview for more on the game.

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