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Battlefield Studio Loses Master Chief Creator

Ridgeline Games loses its director.


Marcus Lehto--best known for co-creating the original Halo--has left Ridgeline Games and Electronic Arts. He was Ridgeline's game director in charge of creating new experience for the Battlefield series.

According to Lehto's Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, he recently left Ridgeline Games. Additionally, his profile on Twitter doesn't have mention of Ridgeline Games--only references to his work as the co-creator of the Halo series and creator of Disintegration.

Neither Lehto nor EA have said anything, so it's unknown whether he left voluntarily or if layoffs occurred. However, he recently posted a picture earlier this month with his team out for lunch, suggesting an abrupt departure. Lehto joined Electronic Arts back in 2021 after the launch of Battlefield 2042, which got a disappointing reception.

Ridgeline Games was founded in order to help build single-player campaigns within the Battlefield universe. The next Battlefield will be a "reimagination," according to EA. Another Battlefield studio, Ripple Effect, is working on an "entirely new Battlefield experience," and a multiplayer experience from DICE is still on the way.

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