Battlefield: Modern Combat Exclusive Gameplay Footage

Take a look at some new gameplay footage for the recently announced Xbox version of Modern Combat.


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Battlefield: Modern Combat will finally bring the Battlefield experience to console owners this holiday season.

The Battlefield series came roaring out of the gate in mid-2002 with its seminal installment, Battlefield 1942. What was once an unproven shooter, at which no great expectations were leveled, has since become one of the biggest names in online PC action gaming, with the recently released Battlefield Vietnam continuing the trend of diverse, squad-based, vehicle-driven team warfare. For almost two years, Battlefield has been a name that PC gamers were able to dangle enticingly in front of their console-bound brethren.

That's no longer the case with the impending release of Battlefield: Modern Combat, the upcoming console-exclusive entry in the series that focuses on modern-day warfare fought with modern-day equipment. The game will let you choose between American, Chinese, and Middle Eastern factions in a fictional, but plausible, near-future conflict set in various hotspots around the world. Though Modern Combat was once thought to be a PlayStation 2-only title, EA recently revealed that the game will in fact be available at the same time for the Xbox, and it will take full advantage of Xbox Live.

To tide you over, we've scored some exclusive new gameplay movies of Battlefield: Modern Combat in action--just take a look above to check them out. The game is slated for release in November of this year; look for more soon.

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