Battlefield Mobile Beta Release Date, Content, Free-To-Play: Everything We Know So Far

Battlefield Mobile's beta is set for release in Indonesia and the Philippines this year.


In addition to Battlefield 2042, EA is looking to expand the shooter series to new markets and categories by bringing the franchise to mobile. The publisher has now shared new details on the mobile version around its free-to-play business model, available content, release date, hardware requirements, and more. This mostly pertains to the beta, with a more final look at Battlefield Mobile expected sometime later.

Starting with the release date, EA is looking to soft-launch the game in Indonesia and the Philippines this autumn. This initial playtest will be available on Android only. The test will seemingly start small before expanding to more players, in more regions. However, as of yet, there is no word on when Battlefield Mobile will launch in the US, UK, or other regions.

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Testing availability is limited, so players are advised to pre-register on the Google Play Store page when the game becomes available. However, not everyone who pre-registers will be selected for the beta.

Concerning the business model, Battlefield Mobile is free-to-play, supported by microtransactions. The items you can buy with real money are cosmetic only, EA said. The game will also have its own battle pass that are unique to the game and not synced with the console/PC edition of Battlefield.

As for the type of device you'll need, EA said it's still conducting tests to optimize the game for a "variety of devices." For the first beta, you will need Android 7.0 or newer. More phone models will be supported in the future.

EA also clarified that Battlefield Mobile will not have cross-play with other versions because the game is "being built specially for mobile."

In terms of content, EA said the Grand Bazaar map and the Conquest mode will be available at launch for the beta, with more content coming later on. "The game is still in development and the team is working to ensure Battlefield Mobile truly feels like Battlefield at its core," EA said.

As with other betas for EA games and developers overall, progress from the testing period will not carry forward to the full version of Battlefield Mobile when it launches.

Battlefield Mobile is developed by EA's mobile studio Industrial Toys, which was founded by Bungie veteran Alex Seropian. "We've built a dedicated team here at Industrial filled with mobile game development experts who will lead the creation of Battlefield Mobile. Overall, it's a collaborative effort with our established Battlefield team, DICE Studio, and other partners," EA said.

You can read the full Battlefield Mobile FAQ to learn more. As for Battlefield 2042, the console and PC game launches in October, and an open beta is coming this month, it seems.

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