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Battlefield-Like 50v50 Shooter Squad Gets Massive 6.0 Update, Focusing On Teamwork

The Battlefield-like military shooter welcomes a major patch.


The 50v50 military shooter Squad got a big new update today, September 27, that made significant changes to the FPS. According to developer Offworld Industries, players can expect a "complete overhaul" of infantry combat with a new focus on teamwork in the 6.0 update.

Offworld said it's overarching aim with the update is to deepen the existing core gameplay and making sure Squad is approachable to newcomers who might feel overwhelmed by the game's steep learning curve.

Here are some of the core changes in the new Squad update. First, the suppression system has seen a "complete rework." As explained by Offworld, the change "reduces a player's combat effectiveness by obscuring the player's view and decreasing their ability to aim, encouraging them to reposition to get a better tactical footing." Offworld said it hopes this helps encourage people to work together more than they might have before.

Additionally, picture-in-picture scopes have been introduced. When aiming using a magnified scope, only the area inside the scope gets zoomed in. On top of that, Offworld updated Squad's gunplay systems with the aim of making the game "more enjoyable" and team-oriented. "Effective communication and teamwork should overcome individual fighters in most cases," Offworld said of the changes.

Another major change is that players are now more likely to be wounded instead of instantly killed in certain scenarios, which should help players stay alive longer and get back into the action. The 6.0 update also adds proximity indications so players can track their squadmates more easily.

"With Update 6.0, the whole of infantry combat has been upgraded and reworked from the ground-up, marking the biggest change to the essential gameplay of Squad since the title was first released," the developer said.

For more, check out the full patch notes for Squad update 6.0 on the developer's website.

Squad launched in 2020 and has sold more than 3 million copies. The game has fantastic reviews on Steam, but there is no word yet on if it may come to console.

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