Battlefield Hardline's Latest DLC Adds Maps, Vehicles, and a Fire Axe

Capture the Bag.


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The next DLC pack for Battlefield Hardline has been unveiled, and it's coming to Premium members in a matter of weeks.

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Getaway, as it's called, features the expected slate of additions, like new maps, vehicles, and weapons. For now, EA isn't sharing too much about any of the specifics. For instance, we know there are three new weapons for the Mechanic class, but EA hasn't said exactly what these are.

Likewise, the four new vehicles weren't detailed, but we do know the name of the four "massive" new maps: Diversion, Double Cross, Pacific Highway, and Train Dodge. There's also a new mode, Capture the Bag, which is presumably just Hardline's name for Capture the Flag.

Getaway also adds a new melee weapon (a fire axe) and a new gadget, as well as four new legendary camos.

The expansion is slated to release for Battlefield Hardline Premium members at some point in January. All Hardline players will also receive a patch around that time adding new weapons and features to be revealed "soon."

Getaway is the third DLC pack to be released for Hardline. It comes in a little behind schedule, having originally been slated for a fall 2015 release. Beyond this, there's a fourth expansion, Betrayal, still to come. All of this DLC is available for purchase individually and is included with the aforementioned Battlefield Hardline Premium, the game's season pass.

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