Battlefield Hardline video leaks online, shows new gameplay footage

Leaked video reveals loads of Battlefield Hardline info


Battlefield Hardline

A seven minute video of Battlefield Hardline has leaked online, showing off gameplay footage and new details surrounding both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The video, which appears to be designed for internal briefings rather than general distribution, refers to the game by its presumed codename--Omaha--rather than Battlefield Hardline, the title which EA and developer Visceral Games officially confirmed yesterday.

Battlefield Hardline is all about battles between cops and robbers, and the multiplayer modes detailed in the trailer are:

  • Heist features the robbers breaking into a bank vault to secure as much loot as possible before staging a getaway.
  • Rescue has SWAT teams work to save hostages, in a mode that looks similar a a round of Counter-Strike.
  • Hotwire is all about vehicle chases.
  • Bloodmoney has the two forces fighting to secure a massive pile of cash and return it to their respective safehouse.

The single-player campaign revolves around young Miami detective Nick Mendoza, and features an episodic structure designed to mimic a TV drama, following a campaign where Mendoza chases his old partners across the country, who appears to go rogue after stumbling upon a stash of cocaine worth $9.9 million.

The narrated video also mentions that the enemy AI has been completely redesigned, and that the levels are more open than in Battlefield 4. Destruction is said to be even more prominent--the word leveloution is used--and there's a big emphasis on gadgets across the campaign and multiplayer. Yes, there are tasers, as well as zip lines and grappling hooks.

Battlefield Hardline will be released later this in 2014, and will feature as part of EA's E3 2014 press conference on June 9.

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