Battlefield Hardline: Here Are Some Ridiculous PS4 and PC Beta Stats

You grabbed $9 trillion in loot money and destroyed close to 13 million cars.

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Electronic Arts today released an infographic featuring some ridiculous statistics pulled from the recently concluded Battlefield Hardline beta, which was held only on PlayStation 4 and PC. Below are the facts pulled from the infographic, which you can see in full (below) and on the Battlefield Blog.

  • $9 trillion loot money grabbed in Bloodmoney mode, which is 8X the total amount of US currency currently in circulation.
  • 12,885,710 vehicles destroyed, which comes out to around $374 trillion worth of damage based on average price of a new car in 2013.
  • 1,651,075 Heist break-ins initiated.
  • 50 percent break-in success rate.
  • 332,091 Police interrogations.

Battlefield Hardline launches October 21 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PS4, and PC. Ahead of release, another beta for the game will be offered on all platforms, though it's not clear when it will begin.

Unlike last year's Battlefield game, Battlefield 4, this year's Battlefield Hardline is in development at Dead Space creator Visceral Games. Battlefield 4 developer DICE is currently working on the next Mirror's Edge game, a new Star Wars: Battlefront title, and probably Battlefield 5.

Responding to critics who say that this year's Battlefield Hardline looks too iterative, lead multiplayer designer Thad Sesser recently explained the improvements, tweaks, and additions the studio has made to the Battlefield 4 formula, which makes Battlefield Hardline more than just an expansion.

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