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Battlefield Games Will Have Unified UI on PS4/Xbox One Starting This Summer

You'll be able to party up and then launch into any of the current-gen Battlefield games from the same interface.


Starting this summer, it'll be even easier to create parties of friends and jump into Battlefield games. Publisher EA has announced that it's creating a unified user interface for all the Battlefield games on current-gen consoles, and it's coming soon.

It'll unify the UI for Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and when it releases, Battlefield 1. This means that you can create squads of friends from the UI before you join a match, and then you can choose any Battlefield game you own to jump into and swap between. EA also says that the UI will give you suggestions for maps and modes that you might want to play.

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Initially this UI will only apply to Battlefield 4. But when Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, it'll be made compatible with the UI as well. Finally, support for Hardline will come a little later. This will likely be most useful if you own the digital copies of the games, as you'd still have to change out the discs to swap between the games if you own physical copies.

Although we still don't know much about Battlefield 1's single-player, which will follow a story set during World War I, we will likely get to play the multiplayer soon: a Battlefield 1 community manager recently revealed that the public beta will start soon after the Gamescom conference in August.

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