Battlefield: Bad Company Hands On

A shooter best known for multiplayer mayhem has added a comedic campaign. We explore the first few levels.


Though the Battlefield series has always been known as one of the leaders of multiplayer military warfare, the newest console edition, Battlefield: Bad Company, comes packed with a complete single-player campaign as well. As the name suggests, you are part of a company, Company B, and it's your job to quell the seemingly never-ending stampede of evil enemy soldiers. After playing through the first five levels of the campaign, we come bearing impressions on the transition to single-player combat.

The most noteworthy element in Bad Company's campaign is the sheer destructive ability your weapons carry. Ancient deciduous forests come crashing down with the blast of machine-gun fire, changing the face of battlefields midbattle. The ever-changing aspect of battle adds a level of chaos to the proceedings, and because you can't interact with trees once they've been uprooted, hiding from enemies becomes a quest to find more-permanent cover rather than a tactic of simply hunkering down and waiting out the storm.

The walls come crumbling down.
The walls come crumbling down.

The destructive element comes into play away from forests, too. You can also level buildings, though they require a slightly more powerful weapon--grenades--which you can throw against walls and through windows to expose cowering soldiers. Unfortunately, the buildings combust in a predetermined way; we encountered one instance where a gas tank positioned in a corner tore down one wall when ignited, but left another standing strong. Still, even though we couldn't bring buildings all the way down, we could reduce them to little more than freestanding staircases and untrustworthy floors.

Aside from the standard array of military weapons, we were given a few tools that made wanton destruction the most logical strategy for disposing of enemy forces. There are C4 explosives, which can be used not only to destroy objectives (such as a missile launcher), but to destroy enemy tanks and annoyingly placed buildings as well. But even more enjoyable than C4 is the mortar strike. Though our commanding officer told us to use this extremely powerful device to dispose of tanks and other enemy vehicles that are difficult to destroy with normal weapons, we found it more fun to use against ground troops and any object we felt should be razed. Instead of being given a finite number of uses like with the C4 bombs, we only had to wait for the time bar to refill before we could unleash another attack from above. It may be unsporting, but it's so satisfying to blow up one stranded soldier with a weapon designed to decimate a bridge.

The oddest quirk in the campaign is how healing is handled. Unlike many other shooters out there, Bad Company doesn't allow your character to automatically regenerate health. But it does have another method that, when used properly, made us virtually invincible: We could jab a long needle into our character's chest whenever he neared death. There is no limit to how often you can use this important device, save for a brief timer between uses. Like the air strike controller, a time bar refilled whenever we healed ourselves. Bolstered by our speedy recovery, we found ourselves running into battle with our gun put away and the needle out, absorbing bullets the whole time, then thrusting the needle into our chest and finally knifing enemies when we reached them. Combined with the unrelenting destruction, it made for a fast-paced, action-oriented spin on a military shooter.

Anyone expecting a multiplayer-heavy game with a shallow single-player campaign tossed in will be pleasantly surprised by Bad Company. There is real depth here, and with the camaraderie of your fellow soldiers pushing the story, it makes for a riveting journey through a desolate world. With a sprawling combat zone in which you can choose your own path to destroy enemies and well-designed sound that brings the horrors of war right into your living room, Bad Company is something those hungry for military action should keep their eyes on.

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Call of Duty 4 sucked it wasnt realistic at all. 2 shots to the chest would kill u. but not just then youd stay alive for like 10 more minutes, just weak.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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this game is good but not as good as COD4

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i find it a very good game its one of the best online shooters there is defently buy this game its worth of his money

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i haven't played the game yet but for what i can see it looks worth the money am about to put pay! *(S.S)*

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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coooolllll!!! Hey wait a second, why Gamespot not review and rated this game? today is June 24 right?

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To maverick_76: CoD 4 is amongst a "very rare" breed of games which did it right. I mean, for me it's one of the best games I've ever played in my life and that's why it recieved GOTY awards from many platform reviewers/magazines. Still buying this though ;) looks awesome

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I enjoyed playing the on-line demo (update) Any idea when game-spot will give us a feedback (review) on this one because it ships out today and we wanna know if the game is worth buying since ing reviewed it already Thank you

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Judging by the demo this looks like a pretty cool game, just not up to par with COD 4 though. I just didn't feel that urgency that you get when you play COD 4. But I could be wrong. My guess is that this an 8.0. Not a must buy, but a definite must play.

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This game looks like one of the best shooters ive seen in a LONG time!The demo is fantastic, the graphics are great and the DESTRUCTION is so BEAST!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

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The Demo is great I am heavily pleased with it.

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Looks great and im happy it comes out tomorrow!!1! Ack! why did i have to by something expensive yesterday!?!

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The game comes out tomorrow and im gonna pick it up. I probably won't play any single player but all multi. P.S. don't let the demo turn u down, demo does not equal game.

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Well to all the haters it sure looks alot more intricate and probably uses more brain power then COD4 which is a overated Also better then the imitator Frontlines (which is better then COD4 as well) bring the thumbs down COD4Evers

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demosnipe1589 Why does everyone have to have a mic? i have a mic i just don't use it cause i don't wanna hear everyone cry...its annoying...

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is it going to be pc?? mail me anwser if u knw lmao thnaks

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I think this should be one of the top ten games for 2008 but all im going to say is that the demo was amazin but i noticed that the people who didnt like it havnt played on the pc version becuase I think it plays more like BF2 on the pc than modern combat on the consoles

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The demo was a little dissappointing. The graphics were only so-so, and the AI kinda sucked. The gameplay overall was alright, though. To IrishSmooth: is that SOCOM the online-only one? Yeah I'm totally waiting for that one

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the demo was fun but may buy it or not we will you

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I was very impressed with the demo. If the game can improve on it then it will be great. P.S. benjaminekse: The lag might just be some hardware problem withe the demo

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well... the 360 version is said to be VERY laggy.. but the ps3 did not have that problem... ok 10% of what you can see CANT be destroyed... floors in building (you can blow up the roof btw), stairs, some boxes (WTF!!!) and some walls.... but still the game IS fun. but the snipers bullets have travel time but do the normal bullets need it too? Another bug... this where in BF2:MC... you shoot. 0,5-1,0 sec after you hit (wery noticeable with shotgun) the enemy dies... it not bangdead it is bang.. dead... and eaven if you shot at the same time as your enemy and you HEAR you too shot you die but not the enemy when both have i.e shotgun Ninja_Benjamin

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My one concern after playing the demo is enemy A.I., which seems very basic -i.e., standing in the open waiting to get shot.

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i love the demo. there's not too many things more fun than blowing a hole in the back of a building and then shooting somebody with the shotgun that was just paying attention to the door. that and throwing grenades like crazy is fun and effective!

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i love shooter games such as these. this game looks cool. but what really got me was the comedic addition... and great games that has a great sense of humor is really worth $60.(but nothing more) :)

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looks like a good game. i might think of picking this up too. can't wait!

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I might actually pick this up. The demo is pretty fun and i can't stop play it right now. I guess I'll play this military shooter until the best one of the year will be coming out on Sept. 16, Socom: Confrontation, can't wait for that too!

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Pre-ordered Gold Edition already.

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thank god its coming out nxt wk, should be better than the port of BFMW2

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i thought the demo was good, with a few problems (hopefully they will be resolved)...but this seems like a good game :) as rharrigal said, maybe better to wait for the review, unless u are a diehard battlefield fan

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It's so hard playing Battlefield 2 and then downgrading to something like this. Yes, its still a really cool game, but man if you haven't played BF2 you are seriously missing out. You can have 64 people per server, and there are jets, planes, boats, etc. Its fantastic. Still think I'm going to pick this one up though, all my friends only have an Xbox

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i loved the demo i really hope it is good but ill wait for a review first

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i cant wait for it to come out and the demo was great but it kindo sucked cuz you cant blow up roofs

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demo was really good

Avatar image for gruntslayer150

Can't WAit!!!!!

Avatar image for Panman_Dan

I loved the Demo

Avatar image for Kakalun

Another awesome game.

Avatar image for Solid_Azeus

the demo was too buggy!

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The demo kicked a** definately picking this up.

Avatar image for sean_ph

Love this game. The demo was great, always a ton of people to play (and shoot) with

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does it run smoother than the demo which was terrible?

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No more maddness or chaos of grenades and noobs rush..this would be fine..

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Can't wait. Excellent work! Good graphics and action. The maps look great.

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i love this game so much i just gave up cod for it

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This game is so much fun and so addicting! I love how you can blow up like 95% of everything

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Love this game the Demo is Great I have to say Battlefield is way better them COD4 Download the demo try multiplay you will be hook.

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The demo was awesome, and multiplayer might be up there with COD4.

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Love the demo, will this take over COD4 Maybe?.................... YES it will lol