Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught Co-Op Hands-On

We buddied up in a team of four for Bad Company 2's new Onslaught downloadable content, which is the first co-op mode in a Battlefield game.


It's fair to say that EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been a resounding success, selling 5 million copies in two months across all formats. The next big milestone for developer Dice will be the first-ever co-op mode for the Battlefield franchise, which is called Onslaught. The co-op mode will launch as downloadable content for the game "soon" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and we got to play it in London recently.

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Here are the basics: Onslaught is a completely new gameplay mode that fuses elements of the single-player and multiplayer game. You can play it in single-player or co-op online, using the characters that you've built up in the multiplayer mode. There are four maps in total--Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes, and Nelson Bay--some of which will offer "sandstorms and night combat" according to producer Bjorn Johnsson.

The idea behind Onslaught is to capture a series of locations as quickly as possible, with overall times sorting the best of the best on the game's leaderboards. If team members die, they can respawn either on another team member or back at the team's original base if they want to use a vehicle. There's really only one way that you can fail, and that's if all team members get taken out at once, so it's your job as a team to keep at least one person alive at all times.

Onslaught is a co-op mode that combines the best of single-player and multiplayer Bad Company 2.
Onslaught is a co-op mode that combines the best of single-player and multiplayer Bad Company 2.

We got to play a game of Onslaught on the Valparaiso map and chose to spawn as a medic in the hot South American jungle. All of your gear from multiplayer will be available in Onslaught, so if you've spent hours unlocking and fine-tuning your favourite class in competitive multiplayer, it will be just as powerful here. Onslaught was great fun--enemies would surround and flank us as we captured points. We naturally fell into the habit of dropping health packs and reviving downed teammates as the medic.

Onslaught will also include eight new achievements and trophies, as well as four different difficulty levels, including casual and hardcore. The add-on is "coming soon" according to Johnsson, although he was elusive on the exact date, as well as the price. Watch out for more on Onslaught as soon as we get it.

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frree for all anyone?

Avatar image for jm3811

Sorry I forgot: of course you can play the mode in solo. I started one but was a bit iffy (the food or the drinking, whatever). Quite a fun thing to do, like I always wanted to do Bomb da Base without any help.. A bit ridiculous is the fact that when you are on your own it still takes 12-15 seconds to respawn.. yawn. When you play as a team the ultimate excitement is to be the last one standing and awaiting for the others to come back from their purgatory.

Avatar image for jm3811

If you can get over the facts that EA servers will be an issue (I was kicked around twenty times yesterday), and also that EA are a bunch of morons who treat their employees like sh!t.. well that's a good mode for BFC2.. XD I don't like CODs (main reasons: it's a route game and the multiplayer sucks) but this mode would work well on their games. May be they have it, sorry.. I traded my CODs a while ago. Yeah!! .. you play with yours pals vs the AI and it's cool. The easy mode is laughable but enjoyable. Just go blast the AI's tank to see what I mean. What BFC2 really needs now is EA to release maps.. which may already be on the disk (Onslaught definitely was on it). That's unethical but I'd like to unlock those - thank you very much.

Avatar image for dark411

Well they have to fix the issuse to make it 4players in a pc co-op game because when they made the game for the P.C it wasn't set up to be up to 4players only so if they put it out right now it would be 24people in a co-op game rather than 4 lol

Avatar image for gijas

Will this be avaliable for the PC as well?

Avatar image for jokethis21

gunna suck balls.

Avatar image for EQShaman

@Cillerboy, dont hold your breath. $15 is starting to become the standard for DLC like this. If it were just four more maps then, ya, it would probably be 6, 7 or 8 bucks.

Avatar image for Gojevic7

Battlefield bad company 2 is better game than mw2 but bc is a teamgame and the mw2 players make this game to a pice of S H I T

Avatar image for Cillerboy

i hope to god its not $15 like activision cash whores

Avatar image for KANOOBS

Bad company is so much better than cod way better game engine more realistic in every aspect.

Avatar image for Battlefield53

Is it going to be offline too? cuz that would be awesome

Avatar image for Sleixorz

@ Dan7aylor It is coming to the PC, they're just having trouble implementing it. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for Dan7aylor

i really dont understand why they arnt bringing it to the PC, f*ck you (not really sure who to blame) but ill blame EA cuz they suck at everything else.

Avatar image for makeuser

@etcbrendan double thumbs up. gamespot? ea/dice? bf3 eta? give me something i can enjoy

Avatar image for etcbrendan

p.s. why is this console crap in pc section

Avatar image for etcbrendan

been gaming since unreal tournament and i have to say that mw1 has better coop than bc2 and nothing compares to bf2. mw2 is just a fail, 18 players? bc2 is up the same ally, max 32? poor handling choppers and armor? no sensitivity adjustment settings likes bf2 for vehicles? we demand battlefield 3

Avatar image for X-7

This won't be on PC? That really stinks.

Avatar image for johnantbak

Why post this in the PC section, EA have said it's not going to be released on PC as they can't control the servers and if too many servers went to onslaught mode player numbers would reduce dramatically. Come on GS did you even ask?

Avatar image for eoin

@djpetitte I could understand if the guy just flat out said COD is better than BF but he actually said "personal decision and opinion". Your just a plain old fanboy who has a problem with people expressing themselves. Any excuse to call someone a newb and look like cool guy eh?

Avatar image for djpetitte

@jokethis21 you are a joke, anyone that thinks Cod mp is better then Bf, is just a plain old newb. Cod mp, is nothing more then a RIP OFF of games like bf and cs.

Avatar image for bodylotion

Battlefield 2 is a good game but i'm not playing it daily anymore, to be honest it has been a while since i last played it.

Avatar image for lazer-tiger118

I love this game, but i haven't touched it in a while. Hopefully the Onslaught DLC will get me to start playing again, that is if it comes out for PC.

Avatar image for e1337prodigy

No mention of pc version... Pitty, as I'm pretty sure 3million of those 5 million copies sold were on pc; especially since pc gamers have had BF games for years and have a much larger fan base of the BF series.

Avatar image for Mortilla

@R3edite Now before you try to correct a developer, I want you to check your ears correctly... Cause that wasn't his statement... Please, take a while and listen to the statement once more *Cough* Consoles *Cough*

Avatar image for Maskopatol

I can pay for this even i have a vip release. No prob. this game is kickin my head off.

Avatar image for R3edtide

"first-ever co-op mode for the Battlefield franchise" I think not, BF2 has had a co-op mode for years. Does anyone research these statements?

Avatar image for I_Was_A_Jester

Should have split-screen, no GOOD games have split screen anymore!

Avatar image for just_for_kicks

Is PC getting this? Why do we have to wait?

Avatar image for gangstachaldo14

Better be covered by VIP, I hate how all it's covered is stuff that should have been in from the start. Hence the content it gives you is less then a megabyte, all it does is unlock what's already on the disk. Would be nice if it covered something NEW. If I have to pay for this, I'd be upset, but BC2 is FAR superior then MW2, so I'm still hooked to the online modes. As much as I'd want this, if it's not free, I'm still happy with the game and what's already on it.

Avatar image for DiamondBake

When it says co-op does it mean on one console or just online????

Avatar image for psp_mtness

yeap i agree, i don't mind paying for useful content and by the looks of it this could be a great addition to the BC2 experience, here's hoping it makes it to the pc.

Avatar image for wawasjohn

it wont be free. but i would pay $15

Avatar image for michaellegner

Well, since the BFBC2 store doesn't say VIP on the Onsalught item it will cost some money. How come this is the first "co-op" mode? I've been playing co-op with my other squad members since day one.

Avatar image for uga898

Will this be covered by the VIP card?

Avatar image for deactivated-5b3788dab1c6f

eh!..PC left out again..but no biggie ..i aint that much of a co-op fan so im not in a hurry..

Avatar image for Assassin300

Im totally glued stuck to this game

Avatar image for jokethis21

I like call of duty more (personal decision and opinion) but I really admire how DICe and EA dont make you pay for this.... Wish Activision does that, but thats why I only buy the game. and never the map packs for Activision..

Avatar image for Krinnium

i wonder how many enemies they throw at you at once, or if the intensity scales up as you make progress

Avatar image for Pete5506

Never hurts to have more BC2, and if its free even better

Avatar image for myfirstfilm

@drago9876 and @ Sween750 I'm on XBOX360 with a FiOS connection. This is the only game I have the issue with. My brother in law says the same thing happens to him when we're playing.

Avatar image for MentalSentinel

I bought this game specifically because of their relatively positive attitude toward PC gamers and it seems a lot of people did, but now they're back to treating us like sh*t? Their excuse for not releasing this on the PC was pathetic. I should've bought Modern Warfare 2 instead. No, not really

Avatar image for ciava13

BBC2 would be great with co-op, but I ain't going to fork out more cash when every other game comes with co-op included. But if the VIP code allows me to get it for free, I'm in.

Avatar image for Gezquester

Wow, this is amazing news, I always thought there should be co-op in a Battlefield game!

Avatar image for rebornblood

most likely not gonna be free but it looks pretty good

Avatar image for Karmazyn

I hope it is gonne be for free.

Avatar image for minime78362

I hope it's a "V.I.P." thing, because I don't feel like paying for this.

Avatar image for Sween750

they connections are amazing, its your connections. lol

Avatar image for Sween750

myfirstfilm....i dont know what system your playing on but on ps3 that never happens. Maybe it's just your connection?

Avatar image for EGM_BlizzardKil

Hey @myfirstfilm I have that same problem. I only get it with Battlefield games e.g 1943 snd BFBC2. If it can be solved i will be playing this game again but at the moment im geting sick of taking the shot only to be teleported back behind a wall. Co-op looks fun but im not going to get it till BF gets some better conections

Avatar image for drago9876

@myfirstfilm that is probably lag... One of the common symptons of lag is the fact that you are "teleporting" to another spot than where you were actually going. I'd would probably wait for some gameplay footage to see whether this is worth it or not

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