Battlefield and Call of Duty can successfully coexist, says analyst

Sterne Agee analyst says success potential for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts not mutually exclusive.


Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts launch just seven days apart this fall, but both games can successfully coexist, according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.

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In a note to investors today, he said the success potential for both games is not mutually exclusive, especially so because player purchase habits are different for each franchise.

"The Battlefield series resonates particularly well with the PC gamers, while Call of Duty tends to do well on consoles," Bhatia said. "We expect more than a third of Battlefield 4 unit sales to be on the PC platform and the remaining units on consoles."

Total PC sales for Call of Duty: Ghosts will likely be less than 10 percent of overall units, Bhatia said. "Our point is both franchises can coexist successfully," he said.

Activision Publishing announced during an earnings call yesterday that preorder figures for Call of Duty: Ghosts are "well below" those of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This downturn was attributed to consumer uncertainty regarding next-generation platforms and described as "normal" for this period in a console transition.

Battlefield 4 launches October 29, while Call of Duty: Ghosts is out November 5. Next-generation versions of both games are also in the works, though release dates have not been announced.

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Avatar image for savagejoe444

Well, one is over doing it with 'realism' and the other is overhated for illogical reasons. I still play both for the enjoyment both games give me.

Avatar image for Shanks_D_Chop

Analysts full of useless information, says analyst.

Avatar image for NeonIndian

I always buy battlefield.

Only buy cod every two years. (infinity ward titles)

Avatar image for deactivated-586642252f689

@NeonIndian I played BO2 and was totally bored with it. The single player was so heavily scripted that I felt I was watching a b-movie instead of playing. The multiplayer was utterly dull too.

Avatar image for savagejoe444

@NeonIndian That's exactly what I do with CoD.

Didn't really care much for Black Ops 1 or 2.

Avatar image for djpetitte


you know the main two guys from IW now work for EA right?

Avatar image for formerroadie

We need an analyst to tell us this? People get paid for this crap? Um, ok.

Avatar image for Mo60

I think both games have their own special taste and each game of them have its different ways in entertainment.

Avatar image for KAB21

Think Battlefield is taking the cake..and the car.and the house in this battle.

Avatar image for xlord121

This is the Internet.


Avatar image for arkhamcity54

BF4 > COD : Ghost

Avatar image for chechak7

@arkhamcity54 proudly rejoicing

Avatar image for frigginjoe

Analyst predicts two games which have co-existed can co-exist.

Gets paid.

Avatar image for formerroadie

@frigginjoe My response exactly.

Avatar image for Redsyrup

I'd prefer it if they destroyed each other.

Avatar image for turdfurguison

Xbox 1 release is 11/27/13

Avatar image for turdfurguison

There's a game called Call of Duty? When did this happen?

Avatar image for STRIKESHOOTER

Go hell.....they have lost their chances for co-existence....will never happen....

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR


Avatar image for duuuuuuude1

Call of Duty is to Ridge Racer as Battlefield is to Gran Turismo.

Avatar image for scuba52

They are totally different play styles, when are people gonna get this. So of course they can coexist. I prefer BF for team work, while friends like COD for run and gun. There is no comparison apart from FPS.

Avatar image for JohnClark_R6

@scuba52 People will just never get this. I enjoy both games for different reasons. CoD, for the more fast pace 'Rambo' style of play and BF for the slower squad based tactical gameplay. Never understood the comparison.

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

@JohnClark_R6 @scuba52 Oh no? each game has a single player campaign, you know. Apart from graphics, they are virtually identical in lame dialogue and super human bullet sponge combat. smh

Avatar image for callsignalpha

This co-existence would resemble the co-existence of The Eloi and The Morlocks from The Time-Machine.the former being COD and the latter being Battlefield

Avatar image for DarthLod

I dont play or buy either of them so I could really care less. The entire War FPS genre has become one same game with different paint jobs. Too much focus on Multiplayer and not enough on Single Player.

Avatar image for arqe

@DarthLod All will become different if they make more "Single Player Military War FPS" ? Forget the creative ideas. All games will be same and same and same again. Get over it.

Avatar image for 4le_breVVer

@DarthLod I totally agree. Both of these games started off as great franchises, now look at the garbage they've morphed into. I'm serious, I used to love the early games of each.

Avatar image for DarthLod

@4le_breVVer Yep, I enjoyed COD until after COD 3, then it all went downhill. I don;t even bother with these anymore. All these games are carbon copies of eachother with zero innovation. All the focus is on multiplayer maps and other hogwash I care nothing about.

Avatar image for ConanTheStoner

This is the most captain obvious article I've ever read.

Avatar image for 31jolle31

@Edward Nelson I agree. They havent updated the graphics engine since 2007 and sounds are every year the same. They really don't make big changes. Battlefield FTW!

Avatar image for 31jolle31

@Shane Tyas Origin isn't that bad. It has only bad reputation.

Avatar image for superstarmario1

They have coexisted for a few year now. Just let people play what they like.

Avatar image for halo-freak

@Shane Tyas Origin pulled his pants down and had a creepy smile on his face.

Avatar image for tionmedon

bf4 sales are better than cod there is only room for one......cod might as well be SimCity.......

Avatar image for Hekteur

@tionmedon *facepalm*

I'm just going to put this link right here for you to consult

You have the latest data for all time selling games. Now that you've been enlightened to the truth of reality, stop saying stupidity.

Avatar image for AlexBadaboom

@Hekteur @tionmedon the sells are about even on all consoles, but cod has a small lead

Avatar image for JohnClark_R6

@tionmedon Da hell are you talking about. BF sales are nowhere near CoD numbers.

Avatar image for Bigjoe1627

@tionmedon What? You are way off because COD sales are double the sales of Battlefield.

Avatar image for eriktkire

wow, that made my day. I'll sleep better tonight.

Who would have thought 2 shooters with the same style of shitty single play rail campaign meant as american war propaganda, multiplay communities full of griefers, campers and haxors, AND sickeningly large advertising budgets could co-exist.

We need more from these analysts.... seriously, how much money did this clown spend on his university education to reach this conclusion... that people didn't know this already!?!

Avatar image for ddoggbritt16

I used to love call of duty then my brother told me to get battlefield 3 because it looked sick and now i never play call of duty and love battlefield

Avatar image for ddoggbritt16

@Giacomo Foti battlefield 3 was fantastic and its nowhere near the trash bin

Avatar image for ddoggbritt16

Battlefield will be way better then call of duty ghosts

Avatar image for t0mw

Most people like the close quarters of COD so I don't think BF4 will outsell Ghosts, but it will be just as good, just a different experience...

Avatar image for ddoggbritt16

@t0mw but they make close quarters style maps on battlefield there is even a game mode called close quarters but battlefield is way better then cod in every way

Avatar image for ddoggbritt16

@arqe @savagejoe444 you can still play team death match and its in a close quarters style match

Avatar image for arqe

@savagejoe444 You have to pay for walking in CoD.

Avatar image for savagejoe444

@ddoggbritt16 @t0mw But that was a $5 DLC, unless you bought the Premium edition that is.

Avatar image for leviathanwing

the games themselves may be successfully cohabitation but the people themselves... now that is another thing altogether. also isnt this genre a lot more than just 2 games? like 100 times more than 2 games?

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

Is this the same guy who said Call of Duty and Destiny could co exist?

Avatar image for DARKSPACE

Just a nutshell fact.

Infinity Ward grew out of EA Medal of Honor.

Pieces of them left EA and made Call of Duty..