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Battlefield 5's Big Pacific Theater Update Releases This Week, Full Patch Notes Listed

Check out the full patch notes in the link below.


The full patch notes for the latest free update for Battlefield V have been released, and there's a lot there. Update 5.0 adds two new maps, new factions, new weapons, and vehicles to the game, all of which are tied to the Pacific Theater of World War II.

Starting October 31, the War in The Pacific comes to Battlefield V with two new maps: Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima. On both maps, you'll be able to play as one of the two new factions: the United States and Japan. The change in scenery adds new weapons and vehicles too. For the former, you'll gain access to the M1 Garand, Type 99 Arisaka, Type 100, and the M1919A6. In terms of vehicles, War in The Pacific adds the M4 Sherman tank, Type 97 transport vehicle, the LVT and the Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks, the Dinghy, LCPV, MB Jeep, and Type 95 transport vehicle.

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Update 5.0 also implements dozens of gameplay changes and bug fixes--way too many to list every single one here. We've compiled all of the major ones below; you can read through the whole patch notes in the link above.

In GameSpot's Battlefield V review, Michael Higham wrote, "Conquest and the map roster don't mesh well together, however, Grand Operations--and the other modes within it--steal the show and foster some of the greatest moments the franchise has offered. You might be surprised by the impact of the slight changes made for this entry, especially when you're deep into pushing or defending objectives in Frontlines alongside teammates fulfilling their roles. That's when Battlefield V is at its best."

Battlefield V Update 5.0 Patch Notes

War in The Pacific

  • Two New Maps - Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima.
  • Four New Weapons at launch - M1 Garand, Type 99 Arisaka, Type 100, and the M1919A6.
  • Deploying across the Tides of War, you’ll get your hands on the M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, and M1918 A2.
  • As Chapter Rewards, the Jungle Carbine and the Type 94 and Model 27 sidearms are also available for you to earn and unlock during War in The Pacific
  • New Factions: US and Japan.
  • New Battle Pickups: Katana and M2 Flamethrower.
  • New Vehicles: M4 Sherman tank, Type 97, the LVT and the Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks, the Dinghy, LCPV, MB Jeep and Type 95 transport vehicle.
  • New Planes - the F4U Corsair (Fighter and Bomber variants), and the Japanese Zero (fighter and bomber variants).
  • New Reinforcements - New Rocket Barrage Tanks - The Sherman Calliope, and the HaChi.


  • Players are now able to inspect their primary and secondary weapons directly while playing. Simply hold down the commorose button, and press the reload button to take a look.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the smoke grenade’s visual effect to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to sometimes use their primary weapons as syringes during the revive animation.
  • RSC - Fixed an issue that would result in a visual problem when reloading the weapons with some specific soldier skins.
  • M1928A1 - The weapons shadow no longer looks like it has a fore-grip.
  • Fixed an uncommon bug which made it look like soldiers used an ammo pouch to gain health back, or used a health pouch to gain ammo.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the grenade launcher on the Tromboncino to be unusable if the weapon was dropped and then picked back up.
  • Flaregun Radius and TTL re-balance: Flares last longer in general, and vehicle flares cover larger areas.
  • Fixed a bug that would enable the Panzerbüchse 39 to fire multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed a bug with the ricochet tracer visual effect which made it look like it was going in the opposite direction of its original trajectory.
  • Fixed an issue where healing rates could stack between self-heal pouch and medical crate (only the highest rate will now apply).
  • Increased medical crate aura regeneration rate to 16HP/s from 12HP/s as a result of healing rates no longer stacking.
  • Improved detection of fire damage against soldiers. This will reduce situations where players can take fire damage while not being visibly close enough from the fire.
  • Increased incendiary grenade radius to 4.5m from 4m to better match the effect.
  • Increased the Incendiary grenade damage duration to 7s from 6.5s to better match the effect.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the health and ammo crates to be deployed below the ground when deployed whilst prone.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to slowly glide across the terrain whilst waiting to start a round.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to be seen playing the swimming animations whilst on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where players could often be seen with low animation quality in high-density areas.
  • Fixed an issue where it would sometimes be possible to collide with soldiers that are dead.
  • Soldier collision is now disabled as soon as the player dies, this means it will now be possible to move through players faster which will prevent cases where you can get blocked by a soldier you just killed.
  • Improvements to the bleed out state that should decrease the chance of players getting stuck in a bleed-out state.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the soldier to clip with the camera when opening a door while switching weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an infinite death state if a player was roadkilled right after being revived.
  • Fixed a bug that would not trigger the temporary slow down penalty after using the bayonet charge.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to jump whilst charging.
  • Holding down the melee button no longer blocks the sprint and jump input.
  • Improved the vaulting animation when players are using the Revolver.
  • Fixed an issue where a soldier would sometimes get blocked whilst vaulting over medium-sized obstacles.
  • Players are no longer blocked from throwing health and ammo pouches while at the same time firing a weapon at full auto. The firing will now correctly pause to throw a pouch.
  • Improvements to players that die while using a parachute - the sound will no longer cutoff if the player redeploys while parachuting, and we have removed the body falling sound effect if the player is in the air.
  • Improved soldier ragdoll behavior to decrease the risk of them getting the “hanging from the hips” bug.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers could get stuck against collision with hard-edged assets, like for example the edge of a bridge railing.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the revived players to be in T pose when the reviver cancels the revive animation.
  • Fixed an animation bug that could sometimes cause certain soldiers to be seen moving around in T pose.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow medics to endlessly throw medical pouches at each other.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to deploy the bipod on shallow water.
  • Improved activation consistency of the sliding functionality.
  • Added support to choose between press or double-tap to activate sliding (default is double-tap).
  • Increased Sliding cool down to 2s from 1.5s.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers teleport to an old position when exiting a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where a soldier could vault through ceilings above stairs on Operation Underground.
  • Players in shallow water can be revived now.
  • Players can no longer get revived while in mid-air, which would cause players to end up under the terrain in some rare cases.


  • JU-88 bottom gunner now properly shows hitmarkers when doing damage.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause players to spawn into the world without a plane, after they had selected a plane from the deploy screen to spawn into.
  • Fixed a graphical bug that could occur if players sat in the top gunner seat in the Sturmgeschutz IV tank while firing it.
  • The Churchill MK VII top gunner turret no longer looks broken if the player uses the cover function from certain directions.
  • Improved the animation from third person when a player switches seats in an airplane.
  • Mounted and Coaxial Machine Guns have had a significant redesign. These weapons how have a converging accuracy model, with an initial period of inaccuracy that improves with shooting until the weapon is fully accurate. The accuracy potential of all these machine guns is higher now than it was previously, but only after firing a few rounds. Overheat has also been adjusted to balance with this new technique, allowing for more forgiving instances of overheat, especially when firing in long, suppressive bursts. Additionally, the velocity of rounds fired from the machine guns have been increased, making hitting targets of opportunity and moving targets easier, however the damage of these weapons has been reduced at long range, to prevent overly effective instances of sniping with the MG. You should now find MGs easier to use and hit targets once they are zeroed in, but targets at long range will have more time to react before they are killed outright.
  • Reduced the rate of fire for bomb loads of 4 or more. The high rate of fire of these bomb loads allowed a player to drop all their bombs effectively in one area, negating accuracy and making the choice between different bomb types poor. In general, there is a longer delay between bomb drops but bombs generally have more effective blast radius, especially against infantry.
  • Increased the default turret speeds and adjusted the acceleration and deceleration curves to be more responsive.
  • Reduced the impact of disabled turrets on the speed of the turret.
  • Improved the accuracy of the bomb sight in both First and Third person cameras. The biggest improvement is in the First Person View.
  • Holding the fire button while dropping multiple bombs will now update the target position for each bomb dropped.
  • Refactored Ammo Counts for vehicles with unlimited magazines so they show the ammo count instead of the total ammo. This fixes stationary AT guns showing 0 ammo when they actually have unlimited ammo.
  • Reduced the overheat and adjusted the explosive damage of the AA for consistent hit damage against bombers and fighters. Players should now get consistent damage against all aircraft types, and AA can now destroy an aircraft flying directly at the AA without overheating. Aircraft will need to be crafty and dodge and evade the more stationary AA, rather than simply absorbing the damage as they could do previously.
  • Increased shockwave time so that planes have a larger chance to escape the shockwave of low dropped bombs.
  • Fixed an exploit that would cause the Bleinheim passenger guns to not overheat.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Mosquito 6PDR guns reload.
  • Improved the Kubelwagens steering animation and touched up the handling.
  • Tank turret aiming when using the chase camera (3p) has been redesigned.
    • The turret should now attempt to aim directly where you are looking.
    • The UI should now accurately reflect where the weapon is aiming.
    • If the weapon cannot physically shoot where you are aiming (because of objects in the environment etc), the UI should clearly reflect this.
    • 1p and zoomed aiming is not affected by these changes.

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