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Battlefield 5 Free Post-Launch DLC Roadmap Outlined

Here's what the Tides of War will bring.


Battlefield V arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a little less than a month, and it'll offer a variety of different modes for players to dive into right from the outset. That certainly won't be the extent of the content it'll receive, however; developer EA DICE will roll out a regular stream of updates for the shooter as part of its "Tides of War" live service, and now we have a much better idea of what that will entail.

DICE has outlined its post-launch roadmap for Battlefield V on the game's official website. In contrast to Battlefield 1, which initially required players to purchase a Premium Pass to receive its expansions, all future maps, modes, and other content for Battlefield V will be free for all players.

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The first "chapter" of this post-release content, dubbed Overture, is slated to arrive in December, roughly two weeks after the game's launch. It will introduce the tank-focused Panzerstorm map and an additional War Story titled The Last Tiger. On top of that, DICE will implement vehicle customization and the first iteration of the game's Practice Range, as well as weekly events.

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The second chapter of Tides of War, Lightning Strikes, will launch January-March. It adds the cooperative mode Combined Arms, in which you and up to three other players take on Combat Strike missions across several maps. Additionally, Lightning Strikes brings the new Squad Conquest mode, a revamped Rush mode, and another assortment of weekly events and rewards to the game.

The third chapter of DICE's post-launch content is dubbed Trial by Fire, and it is scheduled to kick off in March. It's biggest addition to the game is Firestorm, Battlefield V's battle royale-style mode. It supports up to 64 players divided into teams of four, and like other battle royale games, pits them on a gradually shrinking map in a struggle to be the last team remaining. Trial by Fire will also add a new Greece map and more weekly events and rewards.

DICE teases that more new maps, weapons, vehicles, and other content is also on the way; details on those will be revealed later. Battlefield V launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20. Those who pick it up within the first week will receive two free bonus items in the game. Those with an EA Access subscription will also be able to play up to 10 hours of the game early beginning November 9.

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