Battlefield 5 Firestorm: New Battle Royale Mode Releases Soon; New Trailer Debuts

Firestorm is nearly here.

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Now Playing: Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Firestorm Gets Release Date - GS News Update

Battlefield V's take on battle royale has been much anticipated ever since publisher EA first said it would be jumping on the genre bandwagon. Although it did not make it out in time for the game's initial release, following a delay, we've finally gotten our first glimpse at Battlefield V's take on the mode of the moment with a new trailer for Firestorm. Take a look below.

It's unfortunately devoid of any gameplay, as the entire thing is showcased from a cinematic perspective. Although the video is our first official look at the mode, another video leaked online just recently, showing off a bunch of the game's modes and the general setup of a match. We now know much of that information was true. Just as in other battle royale games, such as PUBG or Fortnite, you can play in Solos, Duos, or Squads, while each match will begin with players parachuting out of a plane, then scrambling to find weapons and other items to help them survive. The mode will launch on March 25.

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Battlefield V - Firestorm Battle Royale Reveal Trailer

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EA has previously said that Firestorm will support up to 64 players. Unlike the rest of the game, the mode isn't developed by DICE, but rather Criterion, the studio behind the Need for Speed series. The mode derives its name from the ring of fire that gradually closes in on the battlefield as matches progress. Firestorm will arrive for free as part of Battlefield V's third chapter of content, Trial by Fire, which kicks off later this month.

Firestorm follows not long after the release of another EA-published battle royale game, Apex Legends, which launched in early February to a great deal of acclaim. Apex was developed by the studio behind Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, and is set to expand with a battle pass sometime this month. Whether that leads to any cannibalization between the two remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the final event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, dubbed Unstoppable Force, is now live. Along with two Weekly Challenges, the event brings back the fan-favorite Rush mode, but it'll only be around until March 20.

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Avatar image for jwsoul

looks good

Avatar image for sealionact

Bf5 has possibly the best gunplay out there. Just needs more maps for me, so this will help.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Glad to see Rush is back. Looking forward to Firestorm.

Avatar image for greaseman1985

Who the hell parachutes into battle without weapons lmao

Avatar image for joecrowndoo

@greaseman1985: How in the **** and WTF is a death ring of time? SMH. It works but, is so lame.

Avatar image for xhedon

@greaseman1985: who the hell complains about games

You want realism the join the military.

Avatar image for pharoe777

@greaseman1985: it's a game, get over it

Avatar image for untouchables111

Great trailer IMO. Love BFV and Love Battlefield. looking fwd to the game bringing the classic weapons to the BR series

Avatar image for mistertech

Too late imo. Bfv (while better than 1, imo) was not different enough. Felt like playing the same game again. Barely played 2 weeks, and that's not norm. Back on MW myself. All these new people dont have o.p dlc guns yet( and I don't use them) so it's actually fun

Avatar image for zero0010

Still not worth getting Battlefield V to play

Avatar image for airsmitty10

@zero0010: Worth it to people that are actually BF fans, people that enjoy playing FPS, or people that want more than your basic b*tch Run and Gun Call of Duty. Or people that can appreciate any game without complaining like a rookie.

It's a nice refresher.

Avatar image for BassMan

@zero0010: I have played over 200 hours already. It is definitely worth getting BFV.

Avatar image for pharoe777

@BassMan: Same here!

Avatar image for joecrowndoo

DID, pubg and fortnite destroy my original FPS reality? How did the term battle royale and shrinking circles of death become a new norm. Why is the best mainstream music offered Cardi B. To Hell with this realm. Im going back home.

Avatar image for airsmitty10

@joecrowndoo: They didn't destroy's just a different game mode that's been added by popular demand.

IDK if you've noticed.. but there's still TDM, Free For All, Domination, Rush, Conquest, Search and Destroy... Take you're F*ckin pick. Am I rigtht?

So...What has been destroyed? Or are you just complaining to complain?

Avatar image for joecrowndoo

@airsmitty10: Naaaa I play BF1 and BF5. maybe Ill check it out.

Avatar image for Husker42C

@joecrowndoo: You are probably just getting old 😜. I know the feeling.

Avatar image for joecrowndoo

@Husker42C: Old? has nothing to do with age, I said FACTS! Regardless If age brings garbage then we are in for what grandma told a lot of us ( its only gonna get worse) Damn she was 100% right.

Avatar image for videogameninja

2019... the year of the battle royale.


Avatar image for SCImonTemplar

@videogameninja: I have no issues with the battle royale fad going on. I'm not a fan myself, but i'll play a match or two here and there if friends are playing. As long as it doesn't interfere with other potential aspects of a game, like replacing a single player mode with it, I say keep on trucking.