Battlefield 5 Character Customization Options Revealed In New Gamescom 2018 Trailer

Here's how you'll be able to cater your characters to your liking.


New details continue to emerge about Battlefield V. With Gamescom 2018 underway, EA and DICE have shared news regarding Battlefield V's customization and progression systems, which center around what's known as The Company.

The Company is essentially your collection of soldiers and various customization options. You're able to establish a Company with each faction; at launch, that means one each for the British and German armies. We've heard previously about Combat Roles, which offer unique loadouts and abilities that act as specializations for the four major classes: Assault, Support, Recon, and Medic. You'll earn additional Combat Roles over time, and by completing certain types of missions and quests, you'll earn further weapons, gear, and vehicles.

All of that will impact gameplay, as you're earning and equipping actual items. But Battlefield V also allows you to customize the visual look of your characters "from top to bottom," and the weapons themselves also have different looks. The new trailer below offers a brief glimpse of the range of possibilities the game allows for, and you'll earn more options for your Company as you play. DICE insists that customization is a key aspect of the game and that it's working to ensure your choices are featured prominently, such as in the post-game Best Squad screen.

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The Company will be available in some form during the upcoming open beta, which we recently learned kicks off in early September. Like the full game, which launches on October 19, that will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but those who pre-order or subscribe to EA/Origin Access will get in early.

Battlefield V is being featured prominently at Gamescom in Germany this week. Nvidia also used the game to showcase the capabilities of its new RTX video cards, which launch in September, just ahead of the game's release. Gamescom also brought word on new Xbox One bundles featuring Battlefield V, one of which is an Xbox One X with a special design.

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