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Battlefield 5 Adds Wake Island Map Next Week

Sandy beaches, palm trees, and tanks.


Battlefield 5 will bring back the Wake Island map just in time for the holidays. The map is one of the most popular in the franchise, having debuted in Battlefield 1942. It will make its appearance in the latest Battlefield with an update coming December 12 as part of the latest Tides of War update.

The Wake Island map will be familiar to anyone who's played it throughout the series' history, since it's now appeared across multiple games, but the Battlefield 5 version is prettied up and includes the new fortification feature. You can play on the map in both Breakthrough and Conquest Assault modes.

DICE has shared a few Wake Island tips and tidbits of info as well, to make the most out of your tropical assault. It notes that in Breakthrough mode, attackers get tanks in the first sector, so be prepared to build fortifications if you're on defense. Some bunkers can't be destroyed, so knowing which ones are vulnerable can help you set up choke points. The studio also encourages players to make use of small boats for flanking enemies.

This is part of the ongoing War in the Pacific, the latest live content for the game that launched in 2018. DICE has already announced that it plans to launch Battlefield 5 on next-gen consoles as well, so it seems the studio has plans to keep the live game going for a while.

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