Battlefield 4's Free, Community-Designed DLC Launches Tomorrow

DICE continues to support the military shooter, two years after release.


Community Operations, the Battlefield 4 expansion pack designed with input from the community over the past eight months, will launch on October 27, Electronic Arts has announced. The focus of the DLC, which is offered free to everyone across all platforms, is the Community Operations map.

The DLC has been in the works since February 2015. Developer DICE LA started with a "blank canvas" and built the map and decided what other content to include based on reasonable fan feedback. The result is a map that looks so good you may not have guessed it was developed in this non-traditional manner.

Operation Outbreak is set in a jungle, featuring a medical research facility (that formerly conducted experiments on monkeys), an ancient temple, and a waterfall. It's an infantry-focused map, but it does support some vehicles such as the RHIB and quad bikes.

Throughout the course of its development, the Operation Outbreak map was playable in Battlefield 4's community test environment, with players submitting feedback and DICE tweaking the map accordingly. Check out a trailer for the new DLC above, while some additional images follow in the gallery below.

Launching alongside the Community Operations DLC is Battlefield 4's fall update. Patch notes have not been revealed, but those should come soon.

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Battlefield 4's most recent DLC was the free Night Operations expansion, which was released in September.

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