Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC Features Secret Prototype Weapons and Vehicles

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature futuristic tech this year, and so will Battlefield 4.


Electronic Arts and DICE have begun talking about the last DLC release for Battlefield 4, Final Stand. As previously hinted at, Final Stand will feature futuristic technology and is set in the snowy expanses of Russia.

Full details aren't being released just yet, but we know Final Stand will consist of four maps: Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Hangar 21, and Giants of Karelia (the one map that isn't completely covered in snow). These maps are said to offer "infantry-focused combat." You can get a quick look at each in the video above.

In the expansion, you'll get the chance to use "secret prototype weapons and vehicles," including a hover tank and a single-use rail gun that is found on the map. More "surprises" are promised that we'll be learning about in the next few weeks.

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Final Stand was expected to be launching sometime soon--that is, until Battlefield Hardline was delayed until next year. As a result of that game being pushed back, EA decided to hold off on releasing Final Stand until sometime between October 1 and the end of the year. It's expected to cost $15, like the previous expansions, and will be included in the game's Battlefield Premium season pass.

A date has still not yet been announced for Final Stand, which is now effectively EA's big shooter release for the fall season.

PC players who are enrolled in the ongoing community test environment program will have the chance to check out the new maps beginning today. Final Stand's four maps will be featured on a limited selection of servers for one day each. DICE says that due to the small number of servers hosting these maps, not all CTE members will be able to try them.

The CTE was launched earlier this year as a means for improving the game's myriad issues following its rough launch last year. A blog post on today's Final Stand news notes, "The amount of feedback we've been getting via the CTE has been incredible, and is a tremendous asset to the team here at DICE LA. That's why we have decided to bring the community into the process even earlier as we reach the finish line of Final Stand." To bolster the CTE even further, more slots are being opened up, though you'll still need a Battlefield Premium membership on PC in order to sign up.

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