Battlefield 4's Community Beta Testing Client Gets Xbox One Launch Date

You'll be able to help DICE test changes and new content soon.


Battlefield 4's Community Test Environment (CTE) will launch on the Xbox One on July 6, developer DICE has announced.

As previously detailed, CTE allows DICE test new improvements and changes to the game with the help of PC players, it announced today.

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Plans to bring CTE to consoles were first revealed in May 2014, but from July 6 Battlefield 4 Premium members on Xbox One who are also part of Microsoft's preview program will be able to download a standalone Battlefield 4 client specifically for testing changes and new content.

"With continued Battlefield 4 developmental support, [CTE] will allow us to iterate on more daring and experimental changes directly affecting Xbox One players," DICE explained. "As a player in the CTE, you will be able to provide your feedback and influence the future of Battlefield 4."

"The type of updates on the CTE on Xbox One will be bigger and less frequent than on PC. However, you can still expect regular updates, tests, and prototypes."

According to DICE, it plans to use CTE to test "new maps, weapons, features, and tweaks."

"The type of updates on the CTE on Xbox One will be bigger and less frequent than on PC," it added.

Battlefield 4 was released in October 2013 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and arrived on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at their respective launches in November.

As a result of its many serious issues--crashes and lag, in particular, made the game unplayable at times. Updates have been delivered in the following months seeking to deal with lag, crashes, sound issues, matchmaking problems, a one-hit kill bug, and a variety of other issues.

These updates have also introduced new features, such as the ability to rent servers on consoles or join a match and immediately enter a squad with a group of friends.

The game has steadily improved over time and, currently, is a much more stable experience than at launch.

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