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Battlefield 4 Update Cleans Up Menus, Gets Rid of Battlelog

New, cleaner menu system introduced to Battlefield 4 on PS4 and Xbox One.


An update for the console versions of Battlefield 4 that introduces a new user interface for DICE's shooter has been released. The cleaner menu system is part of the studio's attempt to establish a unified interface across all Battlefield games.

The changes are included as part of a 4GB patch for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and are predominantly designed to make it easier for players to get into multiplayer. Menus are much easier to read at a glance thanks to big icons and distinct white text, while tabs scrolled through using shoulder buttons make navigation a bit quicker.

As part of the changes, Battlelog has been removed and there's a menu that allows players to switch from one Battlefield title to another. You can check out the changes in the video below.

EA has confirmed this new interface will be available in Battlefield 1 when it launches. Battlefield Hardline, meanwhile, will be updated with it a little later.

Battlefield 1's release date has been confirmed as October 21. Recently, EA revealed the game's Premium Pass will include early access to new multiplayer maps, four digital expansions, and a range of new weapons, dog tags, and skins.

EA will offer an Ultimate Edition of the game for $130. This consists of the game's deluxe edition and the Premium Pass. This is separate from the previously announced Collector's Edition, which apparently won't come with the Premium Pass.

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