Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC out for Xbox One at launch

Expansion will feature four "fan-favorite" maps from Battlefield 3 updated using Frostbite 3 engine; will be available on other platforms later.


The Second Assault digital expansion for Battlefield 4 will be available on Xbox One when the next-generation console launches on November 22, Electronic Arts has announced. The content will be released on other platforms later.

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Second Assault features four "fan-favorite" maps from Battlefield 3 updated using the Frostbite 3 engine. The content was announced during Microsoft's E3 2013 presentation and will be featured in the upcoming Battlefield 4: Showdown event.

The expansion is one of five add-ons for Battlefield 4 included with the $50 Battlefield 4 Premium membership. Members receive access to all Battlefield 4 expansions two weeks ahead of non-subscribers, and also get priority position in server queues and exclusive double XP events, among other bonuses.

Battlefield 4 launches on October 29 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The PlayStation 4 version arrives on November 12, while the Xbox One iteration hits November 19. A beta for the game began last week and runs through October 15.

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Dont like premium, dont buy premium. You get a full working game with 10 MP maps, i didnt have premium for BF3 but will definitely be buying it this time.

5 DLC packs = 20 maps over the next year, how in the world is that a bad thing?

These DLC crybabies are so dumb.

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Games not out... already announcing dlc plans

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@killman961 Does it matter? the Second Assualt DLC is just the most popular maps from BF3.. so not really anything new in it.... and all the DLC's for the game have already been announced.. granted only 1 has a release date. But they are announced none the less

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Wait, some poor kid/guy/mom/dad is going to shell out the money for a new console (or god forbid a bundle) and this is what they're going to be treated to? Timed-exclusive DLC? LMAO. EA/DICE, F*** off.

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Battlefield 4, thanks to the pushing of Premium and the implementation of fewer servers to promote queues, has officially gone pay-to-play!

Don't want to wait in a queue, just pay an additional $50!

The future of Battlefield, right here, folks!

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Remember the days when paying $60 (around $65 after taxes) didn't buy you a second-class game package, but a complete one?

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@franky111 How exactly are you getting a second class game package?, you are getting a full game. Then a years worth of DLC support.


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Always found it despicable how the "SIEGE OF SHANGHAI" map that EA/DICE loves to parade around so much isn't even in the base game, but in a DLC pack that you have to purchase if you don't pre-order BF4.

This is sickening. What a complete, shameless, disrespectful cash-grab. What's worse it that people are so entertained to death that they'll just keep paying to promote this abysmal business practice.

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@franky111 Try get your info right, Siege of Shanghai comes on the disc

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why not put it in the god damned disc from the beginning? getting real tired of ur shit EA/Dice, the game will launch with a tons of glitches,bugs, unbalanced weapons and will monthly get updates that fixes some issue and creates new ones just like what happened with COD *cough* ( sorry I mean BF3 ), all console versions will suck, new gray filter instead of the blue one,followed by a 60$ premium sub with endless overpowered weapons, sorry not getting this game either
long live BFBC2 best BF game this gen and it'll stay the best BF game if they continued making these awful upoptimized games

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if we wanted to play BF3 maps i think we would just go and play them on our copys of BF3.. STUPID move we all came to play BF4 doing this is just gonna make people wanna skip the map, after playing the same maps for like 2 years what makes you think we will want to play them again.. fucking lazy devs

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@XxXDarkness0XxX Many people love it when there favorite maps come back upgraded and updated.

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O yea, yall don't have to buy premium, so stop whining about something that is not mandatory. Premium is optional, u can still enjoy the game with out it people

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I love how all these dumbs are saying the graphics r the same and saying there is no difference between frostbite2-3 but guess what u dumb ass people, u have been whinning about the graphics for the ps3. Frostbite 3 will not look like this on the ps4

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@epicgameresearc @Kooken58 Well you can thank the gamers to an extent as well. Always demanding more and more, these games have ended up costing so much to make that many dev's can't afford to make them anymore and have to tie in with the big money corporations.

Just how things have changed sadly. I do agree though, the old days of adding in maps and having to have 10 windows open to move graphic files, map files, sound files ect... oh what fun that was haha.

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This is a joke, simple as that. The jump from bf2 graphics to bf3 made sense to redo old classics, but frostbite 2-3, hardly the same difference....

Will defs skip this until everything is bundled together cheaply, will most likely get BC3 on release.

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@pawel04 Well you'll be assed out cuz BC3 won't be 'cheap'...Nothing will ever be bundled together 'cheaply' especially with next gen platforms.

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The only good BF3 maps were the BF2 maps.

Avatar image for Grover-D

Bi@#h and Wine Bi@#h and Wine you all sound like a bunch of Girls ffs !!! LOL

Take off your Girl panty's man up and Move on !!! WOW

Avatar image for playniko69

Remember when BF3 first came out, we all thought it was gonna be the savior of true fps. We've never been so wrong.

Avatar image for GrayF0X786

oh yes i forgot this game costs $100

oh capitalism.

Avatar image for Murderfestival


XBONE exclusive for a period of time?

**** PC and PS4 players?

EA & Microsoft behind this?

Sounds about truth.

Avatar image for Techtroll

Thirsty bastards

Avatar image for 001011000101101

lol not buying.

Avatar image for ratchet200

Oh EA... When will you learn...

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I'll just wait for the BF4 Premium to be released in 1 year. No problem. I'll play other games in the meantime.

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@erMonezza I expect everyone to do this but the uninformed or some kid's parents. However, some people have no patience and tons of disposable cash so it will probably be a hit within a month of launch.

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Day one DLC on a game that is basically BF3 anyway. What a joke.

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I love the BF series but this is terrible. As much as I'm going to have fun playing BF4, it's in no way a step forward from BF3, then they're going to repackage BF3 maps and sell it. Cool if you never played BF3, but this is some greedy @$$ stuff man.

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I was going to buy BF4 but now with membership whoring by EA...screw em. I can do without this scam.

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Shame on you EA...

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Come on now...Dont follow the COD DLC packs and release RECYCLED MAPS! WE WANT NEW MAPS! If you want to play the old ones pop in BF3. That is just laziness and a gimmick to take your money.

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I'm sure it's been said already, but... Wow. As if the game being $100 wasn't bad enough.

Avatar image for drewdogg513

@rann89 no actually it's $110

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Avatar image for XNEXUS666X

The Operation Metro whores will be happy... OK, I'm guilty to a certain degree...

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Memberships for fps god I just wanna die.

Avatar image for nickpeck36

@LazyyAmerican Can I have all of your monies then? :p But ya, it's getting really annoying.

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Everyone I know who paid for premium regrets it. Pay as you play people, you're probably not going to like all the DLC provided.

Avatar image for Donut0389

@kisado87 I second this. I didn't care for the carbon dog tags and only really liked two of the map packs. The weapon camos were neat but BF4 has them as general unlocks for everyone.

Avatar image for chemicalegypt

Legal Robbery. Take the chunk out of full game, call it a dlc and still have the audacity to sell it in day one.

Avatar image for thread-of-red

Um right, so you want me to pay for BF3 maps again? Nope, I'm not an idiot.

Avatar image for sensesfail99

@thread-of-red I know right? Now they are going all COD on us.

Avatar image for Winchester01

BF4 is copy pasted garbage.

Avatar image for MrMilkmann

I would be more upset if bf4 was half as good as bf3. But I'm still pretty pissed.

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Avatar image for Kooken58

Remember back a long time ago...when players could create their own maps and fun? Now with EA in charge, we have to give them money for their overpriced maps instead of having countless new maps made for the players.

Avatar image for ACWH

@Kooken58 I remember the days where you could connect to a server and download a map on the fly if you didn't already have it. Where's my copy of Quake and Unreal????

Avatar image for epicgameresearc

@Kooken58 Heck, DICE used to have a great back-and-forth with modders and an amazing community. More than a few games and DLC came out of that... then EA decided it all had to change...

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wait a fucking second, dlc is being developed and will be out 1 month after launch, SHOULDNT THAT SHIT BE IN THE GAME IN FIRST PLACE, **** EA.