Battlefield 4 players can now rent servers, unless they're playing on Xbox One

Xbox One server rental temporarily offline for BF4, but at least the pesky death shield bug has been fixed.

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DICE has now launched its rent-a-server program for Battlefield 4, which allows players to hire their own private and public servers, allowing them to set their own player count, map rotation, and other settings.

Except if they're on Xbox One, because nothing in the world of Battlefield 4 can ever go off without a hitch. "We have identified rental time issues with the Rent-a-Server Program release on Xbox One," says DICE, "and have temporarily removed the feature as we investigate. The servers which were already rented will still be available for play, but admins may not be able to access all the management features at this time. As soon as a fix is in place we will announce its availability."

DICE adds that this is currently a soft launch, and is currently running with a limited amount of servers, and the developer will add additional server capacity over time. Servers can be rented for as little as one day, or as much as 90 days at a time. Here's the pricing information:

  • 1 day: $1.49/£1.19
  • 7 days: $6.99/£5.49
  • 30 days: $24.99/£19.99
  • 90 days: $59.99/£47.99

Alongside server rentals, DICE is now also deploying a fix for Battlefield 4's frustrating death shield bug. This bug caused dead players to block incoming weapons fire, effectively turning their corpse into an invulnerable bullet wall. It's how I'd want to remembered!

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