Battlefield 4 patch to buff attack choppers and nerf the MBT LAW

DICE outlines upcoming changes to Battlefield 4.

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An upcoming patch for Battlefield 4 will see the attack helicopter become more powerful, among other vehicle tweaks.

Detailed on the Battlefield Blog, the upcoming patch will also make active radar missiles more difficult to aim, as well as reducing the amount of missiles from the anti-aircraft vehicles from 6 to 4.

It's not all happy days for the chopper pilots, however: the scout helicopter's 25mm cannons have been made less effective to infantry.

Elsewhere, the MBT LAW has been made slightly harder to aim and reloads slower. "This keeps the MBT LAW in its role of an easy to use, fire, and forget weapon available to all Engineers," explains the DICE blog.

The full list of intended changes can be read on the Battlefield blog, though DICE is not saying when it expects the new patch to go live.

DICE is also asking players for their opinions relating to five issues in particular: improving the air defense ability of the attack boat; increasing the lethality against tanks of the FGM-148; changing the power of the stealth jet cannons; altering the fast attack craft cannons; and buffing the MBT and IFC canister shell.

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