Battlefield 4 Patch Adds New Weapons and Gun Master Mode

Spring patch will add five new weapons and full balance pass.


Almost two years after launch, DICE continues to update Battlefield 4 with new content and tweaks. Yesterday, the developer announced that the game's upcoming Spring patch will add new weapons and an old mode from Battlefield 3, Gun Master.

The patch will add five new weapons, and while DICE didn't share their exact names and look, it gave us a general idea for what to expect:

  • New fan favorite Assault Rifle - Picked based on its unique burst gameplay and massive fan desirability
  • New Carbine - A unique bullpup carbine with built-in vertical grip
  • New PDW - A unique PDW with built-in silencer
  • New Sidearm - Unique long range “sniper” sidearm using magnum rounds
  • New LMG - Magazine fed LMG, which with the new weapons balance, plays in between a belt-fed LMG and an AR – your “run and gun” LMG
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Gun Master, which gained its popularity in the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC, is like Team Deathmatch, but you only get new weapons every time you get two consecutive kills, and the first player to get a kill with the final weapon wins.

The patch will also "significantly improve client stability on all platforms," fix a number of issues that cause crashes, and rebalance all weapons, which you can read about in greater detail here.

DICE said that it will release the full patch notes closer to release.

Looking ahead, DICE is already working on a summer patch, which will introduce a new "audio obstruction system." You can get an idea for how this new feature will work in the video below.

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