Battlefield 4 Gets "Core Gameplay Improvements" in Next Update

Soldier movement will now closely resemble Battlefield 3.


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DICE plans to release a Battlefield 4 update in September that will include "core gameplay improvements," the developer has announced.

DICE has been working on the update for two months as part of its Community Test Environment (CTE), where its been testing improvements and changes to Battlefield 4 with the help of PC players since May.

One of the more interesting changes that will come in the update pertains to soldier movement, which DICE said has been made to closely match the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising visual fidelity. This change should also make it easier to escape undesirable firefights.

Other major fixes in the update include tweaks to a number of game modes, a "de-cluttering" of the HUD/User Interface to show only what is most important, and a special effort to make revives easier to use and understand.

The update will also include more "netcode" improvements, which should further address the performance issues that Battlefield 4 has experienced since launch.

DICE said that CTE's next initiative is the Teamplay Initiative, which will include improvements to Commander mode, Squads, Field Upgrades, as well as further features and bug fixes.

For the full list of changes included in the next update and how to take part in the CTE, head over to the Battlefield Blog.

Thanks to Electronic Arts' Game Time promotion for Origin, you can also play Battlefield 4 for free for a week if you download the game before August 14, 10 AM PDT.

The next entry in the Battlefield series is Battlefield Hardline, which was recently delayed from fall 2014 to early 2015.

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Wait you are telling me that it's still experiencing core gameplay issues after ONE YEAR OF RELEASE????? I was going to actually give my money to EA. Counter-strike is rolling on the floor laughing it's fat ass off.

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Got this yesterday and after a few hours I think. Single player looks lovely on 360 but doesn't really push my buttons. But ok, better than I expected but not by much.

Multiplayer just feels different to my beloved BF3. Just doesn't feel as raw. Guns feel weaker. I don't know I can't put my finger on it but it doesn't feel as good.

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Too late, far too late.

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any expected release date for the update?

Avatar image for sentai123

Anybody,was soldier movement better in BF3 or BF4?I've never had any BF before BF4;my first

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They should have been working on a refund.

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"..a "de-cluttering" of the HUD/User Interface to show only what is most important, and a special effort to make revives easier to use and understand."

FINALLY. This game throws waaaay too much info on you on the screen that it clutters what you really need to look at. So tired of not shooting an enemy I thought was my teammate because a teammate just so happened to be directly behind him 100m away and his blue marker was sitting over the enemy.

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This game is just so dead for me. My friends and I have all moved on to other games. I really can't see myself getting into battlefield now even though it's fixed. I just don't care anymore. BF4, very well may be my last Battlefield game.

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Year later and game is still having problems honestly bf is dead until they come up with a proper sequel not bf5/hardline or it will kill off majority of fanbase, so either a bf anniversary collection containing remakes of all old bf titles before bfbc or what the fan base wants bfbc3. That said hopefully DICE can get battlefront right and not make a bf clone or EA doesn't mess it up either way that all to be said.

Avatar image for Rushaoz

<< LINK REMOVED >> Dead? Are you insane? This game is still selling extremely well 9 months later. Not to mention that even with the issues, it's still the most fun you can have with a military multiplayer FPS at the moment.

Avatar image for remiaw

<< LINK REMOVED >> bf4 is awesome

Avatar image for Spartan_418

PS4 version seems largely stable and playable now, the only glaring issue they still haven't fixed is the dead silence at the beginning of a match when audio effects take too long to load

Avatar image for Rushaoz

<< LINK REMOVED >> That's been happening since BFBC2. I'm wondering if it's just a terrible glitch in the engine that in order to fix would require a complete overhaul of the engine. Matter of fact it's much better now. In BFBC2 I would lose complete audio halfway through a match.

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I just started playing again after an 8-9 month break, its really is not very much better than before. This update better make some decent improvements. I'll never pre order again from DICE.

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They removed the need for Origin?!

Oh... More generic updates I see.

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Will these updates coming to xone too?

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Well from my experiences with BF3, (horrible player de-syncs, getting hit while behind cover: aka magical corner turning bullets, delayed kills, shooting someone without them dying or taking damage, instant 1-hit-kills from any gun) mainly just in general how bad the netcode was made multiplayer unplayable and all of these issues were common and happened all the time. So I didn't buy BF4 which turned out to be smart considering these problems are even worse in BF4.

One entire year later, an entire YEAR, they are attempting to improve the netcode? This CTE is only available to people who own BF4 premium as well? That seems idiotic if you're testing netcode you would want as many players as possible to stress it to see what the results of the attempted "improvements" are.

I wonder if they will charge something for the patch after its done, pretty ridiculous and its pretty hilarious. For me, battlefield died with BF2. 3 was a disaster and 4 appears to be even worse. Sorry dice but I won't be purchasing BF4 or your "hardline" crap either.

Not getting battlefront either. 20 bucks says the MP will be just as unplayable with their dog crap netcode. Dice makes a good engine for visuals, but that's the only thing they do. Maybe they should go and make single-player games only because if you can't get your MP to run smoothly without any problems then there is no point, nobody wants to play a mp game with problems like these.

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1 year in and we find out the the new innovative buggy, laggy, broken BF4 will improve itself by being more like BF3... Seems legit.

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I'm trying it on Game Time, only thing I like is low number of bullets needed in HC to kill.

I had bugs, glitches, pretty happy I didn't spend money on it. Also tried Hardline beta, won't be getting that piece of shit...

BF3 has flaws, but is better, I even bought Premium.

Avatar image for oldtobie

I feel like they are just stripping away all of the new core mechanics and replacing them with BF3's ones.

Avatar image for ShimmeringSword

<< LINK REMOVED >> Nothing that people don't want back anyway. Weapon fire and movement code isn't exactly a "gameplay feature" as much as something that should be done right however possible. They tried new code for BF4, it sucked, so they're using what they know from BF3 and then some to fix it.

Avatar image for BeNOwNz

loadouts not saving, those annoying orange arrows...

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Playing through the campaign on Origin's Game Time promotion, have to say the BF4 campaign is quite boring so far, it's pretty but far as fun I haven't really been excited by it at all. Maybe I haven't gotten to the good parts yet but so far it's just 'meh'.

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So are these patches for PC only????

Avatar image for graham_cracka

<< LINK REMOVED >> Tested on PC... released for all platforms. geeesh...

Avatar image for Tranula

Its free for a week, so everyone can decide whether they like it or not.

Avatar image for Maverick6585

Why tell us about the patch instead of just releasing it?

Avatar image for graham_cracka

<< LINK REMOVED >> Bug fixes and making sure it doesn't break more than it fixes.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> To keep fans posted on what their doing?

Avatar image for Whiskey3romeo

As much as I'd love to play this game, there are way too many good games that deserve to be played ahead of this half-assed, clunky, buggy, ill conceived and poorly designed crap.

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Will they add gore and bullet wounds? I don't get why we are allowed to blow apart buildings, but when you shoot hostiles, they fall down without a scratch on them. This game is about war and it's rated M for mature. Step it up Dice!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The techonology we have at the moment isn't good enough for full complete destruction of an entire environment. It worked in BFBC2 because all the buildings were all empty lifeless husks and they all looked the same.

Not even your highest powered PC would be able to handle all those physics calculations. The PS4 and Xbox One would implode.

Avatar image for CptRexKramer

Does anyone still play this piece of embarrassment?

Avatar image for Rushaoz

@CptRexKramer Yes. Alot of people. Alot. The game is still a top 10 seller 10 months in. Still a ton of fun even with the issues.

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The patch is called BF5

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"core gameplay improvements" aka more crashes

Avatar image for DeusGladiorum

I've only been playing Battlefield 4 as a part of the free one week gametime thing, but man I can really see why people can complain about the netcode. I play BF3 religiously, and when I have a ping of 10 in BF4 it feels closer to a ping of 200 in BF3!

Avatar image for dannydopamine8

<< LINK REMOVED >> bf3 has a shitty netcode too tho, shots hit you a second AFTER you retreat behind cover

Avatar image for oldtobie

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Either you're stupid and join high ping servers, you're a scrub, or you're lying. BF3 works fine if you play it right.

Avatar image for razor_rj

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Thats becouse you are a coward and get what you deserve comrad ! mother russia demands the blood of its son be spilt ! i dont even bother with cover, just shoot till i die or kill, bf3 has a particular bug KNOWN to dice but only fixed on bf4, that is when you crouch behind "cover" becouse of the net code, your "avatar code" is still leaning slight above it, thats why snipers can still kill you behind full cover.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Death to the traitors of MOTHER RUSSIA!!