Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth Expansion Takes You to a Floating Restaurant Next Week

The shooter's fourth DLC pack adds new maps and a new game mode.

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Battlefield 4's selection of content will expand again in one week's time, as Electronic Arts today confirmed that the Dragon's Teeth DLC pack will be available on July 15 for Battlefield Premium members.

Dragon's Teeth is the fourth DLC pack to be released for Battlefield 4 since its release last year. Its primary additions are a new multiplayer mode, Chain Link, which is a twist on the classic Conquest mode, and four new maps set in Asian locales: Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda, and Sunken Dragon. Also being added are a ballistic shield (which players of the Battlefield Hardline beta will already be familiar with), ten assignments (along with accompanying unlocks), and a remote-controlled vehicle called the R.A.W.R.

As with each of the first three expansions, Dragon's Teeth will be available to owners of the $50 Battlefield Premium before anyone else--in this case, on July 15, the date the Origin Twitter account inadvertently leaked recently--and will be free. It will then become available for purchase on its own to non-members for $15 on July 29.

The last of the five planned DLC packs for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, has not yet been detailed, but is expected out prior to the release of Hardline (which is being developed by Dead Space maker Visceral Games) on October 21.

Battlefield 4 was widely criticized for the buggy and unstable state it was released in last year--even EA's CEO called it "unacceptable." Since then, developer DICE has made strides in improving the game as EA attempts to overhaul is quality assurance process. The game's maligned netcode has been updated as DICE turned to its community for help testing the game.

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