Battlefield 4 beta adds Obliteration mode

Beta for military shooter adds new game mode on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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The ongoing Battlefield 4 beta has added a new game mode. Beginning today, gamers can try the all-new Obliteration game mode, in addition to existing gametypes Conquest and Domination.

The Obliteration game mode for Battlefield 4 is designed for 24 players on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and 32 combatants on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In this mode, a bomb spawns at a random location on the map. Both teams must fight to pick it up, drop it off at one of their opponent's three objectives, arm it, and destroy the objective.

Once the bomb has gone off, the next one randomly spawns in a new location. The game runs until one team has destroyed the other side's three objectives. Commander mode is optional for Obliteration. The Battlefield 4 beta, which features the Siege of Shanghai map, began on October 1 and runs through October 15. The game launches in full on October 29 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC and in November for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Despite the short time between beta and release, DICE believes it has time to implement changes in the final game based on feedback from the beta, executive producer Patrick Bach said recently.

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Avatar image for townterrier

so i been going on beta since release, i find out obliteration is out but still when i turn xbox on and go on beta i still have only choice of either conquest or domination, no option for oblivion, hhmmmmmmmm....seems with only 3 days of beta left i wont get to play the 3rd game mode

Avatar image for The_Ultra

You have to search for a server with it

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

no one is even playing obliteration. Most people are playing domination

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

beta keeps crashing and freezing, too many pop ins, ranking up takes super long, building gets destroyed rather quickly, only building you can level, indestructible mannequins, bland store fronts, unrealistic cityscape, unrealistic gun sounds, unrealistic water effects, and lacks customization

Avatar image for DARKKNIGHTPRABZ

please dont read below this comment.......

everyones fucking moaning.

Avatar image for randalmcdaniels

bf4 beta sucks

Avatar image for Kalifornia

This video is common on multiplayer, people not playing the objective, people leaving you in the dust when trying to catch a ride on a vehicle. lol

Avatar image for DonSciacca

I popped some vicadin i had leftover from a knee surgery and played oblivion all night. I got my ass kicked but it was pretty fun lol.

Avatar image for randalmcdaniels

@DonSciacca who cares?

Avatar image for steve_esquire

Seems like an awesome gamemode but it's not on the beta from what I see (Xbox 360)

Avatar image for MN121MN

Anyone already took down that giant skyscraper in the demo?

Avatar image for Shmiity

I want to play Rush :(

Avatar image for ForceSkin

The Beta looks absolutely terrible on Xbox360

Avatar image for chitosan87

@ForceSkin .... and PC too bro. So much lags and bugs. I'll wait the official, BF3 still better than the demo, for now ...

Avatar image for hishamramzan

Im gonna get BF4 on PS3 first, then im gonna download BF4 on PS4 for $10

Avatar image for simon1812

@hishamramzan I dont know, judging for ppl comments on the beta I dont think I can trust DICE to pull an smooth transition from PS3 to PS4, I just feel it in my bones that there will be problem concerning those transition deals, is either that or a tornado is about to hit town :P

I will just wait for PS4 version, luckily DICE will pick mnay problems when PS3 version's launches and have many of those problems dealt with by the time BF4 goes live on the PS4

Avatar image for hishamramzan

@simon1812 @hishamramzan yeah well by the time BF4 comes out on PS4, there is a good chance that we will be running into shit buckets (lvl 100 colonel)

Avatar image for telaros

ok, ghost and BF4 on PC.

What games are we supposed to look forward to for Next Gen exactly? I'm just seeing more reasons to buy a PC at this point. STEAM~~ BOX~~ BABY!

Avatar image for MN121MN

@telaros WatchDogs, ACIV, practically any Ubi....

Avatar image for lucas_2020

This will look great on my next PS4, have to wait till next year but I prefer to wait than get it for the PS3.

Avatar image for hishamramzan

@lucas_2020 you dont have to wait till next year to play BF4 on PS4,

BF4 is one of the launch titles of PS4 so you can play it by the end of november

Avatar image for Plo_Koon_basic

I would of rather have the other map that they have shown off a lot as well, but a new mode is good too.

Avatar image for starjay009

I am sorry EA but you totally f**ked up Battlefield. This BF4 beta is a slap on the faces of gamers. It's nothing but BF3.1 and it sucks big time. I am on the PC and it's buggy as hell and performs poorly even with the latest nvidia patch for the GTX 600 series of GPUs. And there are way too many controls to remember and play with. Did I spot a boat on top of one of the skyscrapers ???? Jeez.

Avatar image for crazymohawk86

@starjay009 im having the same issue but it completely stopped working and it crashed , tskmaneger was showing all six cores maxed out and only a 20 percent load on gpu. this crap happend when i was getting in the zone

Avatar image for thorn3000

@starjay009 way too many controls? Ooohhh look at him cry, can't find the melee button when he wants to stab somebody, almost shed a tear there...just three words for you that work so well in this industry - deal with it...besides, it's beta not a demo, it's suppose to be buggy to catch up all the major bugs for the real deal

Avatar image for lonetac

@starjay009 Runs fine on my rig. Not a single bug ive encountered in 15 hours of play. Looks great, added features. The game is way better than bf3.

Avatar image for STrugglingFool

@starjay009 Wait what now. Way to many controls to remember. How do you play games?

Avatar image for holtrocks

@starjay009 Unoptimized beta dude take a chill pill.

Avatar image for Ansonicus

@starjay009 I don't think EA is here.

Avatar image for starjay009

@Ansonicus @starjay009 Well DICE or whoever made the game then... :)

Avatar image for packman627

@starjay009 @Ansonicus the beta is an old build of the game probably a July build. People who played bf4 on xbox one at the Eurogamer Expo said the game was very polished and had little to no bugs and no performance issues.

Avatar image for Ansonicus

I'll try it, but I wish it was just rush.

Avatar image for Someguy1212

They better freaking change these god awful controls in BF4 >:(

Avatar image for Gegglington

@Someguy1212 the copters are god awful

Avatar image for Someguy1212

@Gegglington @Someguy1212 those are actually okay. The tank and foot soldier controls are the worst.

Avatar image for Sam_021

@Someguy1212 @Gegglington I don't see any problem with the controls at all, the helicopter "Yaw" is a bit too sharp but that's all.

Avatar image for Jasbro

Wait did i miss something, oct 15?, last i heard it ran for the full month and 15 days is not a full month.

Avatar image for Someguy1212

@Jasbro They never said it would run for a full month :/

Avatar image for djpetitte

obliteration game mode is fun. focuses all the combat on one spot.

Avatar image for leandrro

@djpetitte @Basinboy what cpu?

Avatar image for Basinboy

@leandrro @djpetitte @Basinboy Intel i7-2700k

Avatar image for leandrro

finally objective based gameplay

Avatar image for Gegglington


Avatar image for leandrro

is pc version of this game mode already customizable so admins can trow 64 players in obliteration??

Avatar image for Gegglington

and one thing is the premium membership an extra £40 on top of the game? like buy all future dlc?

Avatar image for firedrakes

atleast pc side is lucky the ps3 version is hard locking after 2 games

Avatar image for sugi-pula

I hope Dice will do the same like they did with the BF3 beta, and give us another map to try.

Avatar image for djpetitte


I agree for sure but that isn't going to happen.

Avatar image for Gegglington

@djpetitte @sugi-pula theres only 6 days left