Battlefield 4 Achievements revealed

42 Achievements, split between five for multiplayer and 37 for single-player

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The full list of achievements for DICE's upcoming Battlefield 4 has been posted online.

Light spoilers for Battlefield 4 follow.

Listed by Xbox 360 achievements, the game will launch with 42 achievements, with five allocated towards multiplayer and the rest associated with the Battlefield 4 single-player campaign.

The achievement listing also shows that the single-player campaign has three endings, alongside awards related to completing objectives in certain missions, alongside finding all of the 28 collectibles throughout the campaign.

Over on the multiplayer side, Battlefield 4 has achievements for winning a match in each game mode, reaching rank 25, delivering five bombs in the game's Obliteration mode, obtaining 45 kills with the M1911, and performing five dog-tag kills.

Battlefield 4 will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 29. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions will follow at launch.

The full list of achievements for Battlefield 4:

• Storm bringer (25G) - Obtain 20,000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

• A one-man riot (25G) - Obtain 11,000 points in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

• Terror of the deep (25G) - Obtain 11,000 points in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

• Gladiator (25G) - Obtain 12,000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

• Above and beyond the call (25G) - Complete all Assignments in the Campaign

• Demolition man (25G) - Obtain 15,000 points in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

• Guardian of the fleet (25G) - Obtain 6,000 points in the Suez mission in the Campaign

• Full arsenal (65G) - Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign

• Fish (20G) - Complete the Campaign on Easy

• Dunn's pride (25G) - Obtain 7,000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign

• Braving the storm (20G) - Complete the Singapore mission in the Campaign

• Wolves in sheep's clothing (20G) - Complete the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

• The fall of a Titan (20G) - Complete the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

• Dead by dawn (20G) - Complete the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

• Guns at dawn (20G) - Complete the Suez mission in the Campaign

• Fishing in Baku (20G) - Complete the Baku mission in the Campaign

• Antediluvian (20G) - Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

• It was on the way… (20G) - Find 6 collectibles in the Campaign

• Took a casual look around (20G) - Find 9 collectibles in the Campaign

• Methodical search (20G) - Find 15 collectibles in the Campaign

• Done some searching (20G) - Find 12 collectibles in the Campaign

• No stone left unturned (20G) - Find 18 collectibles in the Campaign

• Every nook and cranny (20G) - Find 21 collectibles in the Campaign

• Stumbled over it (20G) - Find 3 collectibles in the Campaign

• Wolf (25G) - Complete the Campaign on Normal

• Tombstone (25G) - Complete the Campaign on Hard

• Recon (65G) - Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign

• Well placed (20G) - Get 10 kills with C4 in the Baku mission in the Campaign

• Wrecker (20G) - Get 10 multi-kills in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

• Blood wake (20G) - Get 30 headshots in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

• War turtle (20G) - Get 15 kills with RPG in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

• Infiltrator (20G) - Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

• Shawshank (20G) - Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

• For tombstone (20G) - Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign

• For the people (20G) - Sacrifice Irish to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

• For the cause (20G) - Sacrifice Hannah to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

• Patience is a virtue (20G) - Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign

• Turn around… (10G) - Perform 5 dog tag kills in Multiplayer

• Won them all (10G) - Win a round of each game mode

• .45 old school (25G) - Perform 45 kills with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer

• Bomb squad (25G) - Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration

• Call me "Sir" (50G) - Reach rank 25

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I'll kill Sarah, bros before hos (Y)

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People need to remember that those are the achievements "for now".

There is a very good chance they will issue more achievements with each new expansion to the game.

So, 5 for MP for now. More to come later most likely. :-)

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Well... that's odd? there will be multiple endings? sounds cool

And I REALLY hope that this mission won't be a flop like in BF3. It's too damn short

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Game journalism has hit a new low when ACHIEVEMENTS are worthy of a post. Jesus H. Christ....

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@Thanatos2k Glad to see it's not just me. Of course, in game achievements and collectibles are about as dopey and pointless as it why NOT write a story about them. Hey! Turned your gaming system on WITHOUT electrocuting yourself, or any family pets? That's an achievement! w00t!! The multiple endings may be plus though.

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@Thanatos2k The internet is more about quantity than quality though, we should all know that by now. We live in the information age, yet we were both too stupid to navigate away from this page. For what it's worth it's not like I wasn't interested to see what the achievements were. I now know there are three endings for BF4, which is pretty cool.

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@Thanatos2k i see your point, hence the the like. Still though, there are a lot of people who look at these things and help them decide if the game's hunting will be worth it or help steer them towards a purchase ...

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@deafwing @Thanatos2k The ACHIEVEMENTS help them decide whether to purchase a game? What the ****?!?

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14 missions? not bad...just hope the campaign is actually better than BF3!

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@Agent_Vincent87 it's virtually impossible for DICE to create a campaign worse than BF3.

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There's going to be a single player??

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Oh shit, do you need that multiplayer unlock code like the last two installments? Or do I have to pay ten bucks again when I rent the damn game?

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@StillAtMyMoms Where have you been for the last couple of months? Everyone knows the Online Pass has been retired.

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Looking forward to it

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I'm surprised one of the MP achievements wasn't "Rent your own server". That's sounds like something EA would do.

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@Whiskey3romeo I don't see the fuss about having to pay for your own server. PC gaming has been doing that for ages.

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@SergioMX @Whiskey3romeo And its a really good thing kind of like a fail safe if something goes wrong with a server its not the end of the world because they're thousands of other independent one's out there.

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When I play game, it's for the actual gameplay, the journey, the story. I couldn't care less about what appears on my trophy or achievement list. In fact, caring about such pedestrian things remove you from the game, making it feel like a chore.

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@banana23man Yes, and some people live for them and are still chained to old games because of it.

New games without achievements are rare because games that last more than a day or are not shit are rare these days. All the lame devs married to big publishers have to include them to artificially increase playtime for the demographic dumb enough to think they have value (even though you can't return games...)

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Great news that only 5 achievements are for MP.

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Players boosting or hunting for achievements are ruining multiplayer matches.


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This is good for me I don't like on-line achievements they can be a huge hassle some times.

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Where did achievements come from anyway? aren't these games supposed to be for adults?

Developers should focus on creativity rather than appealing to the lowest denominator. Sorry if I've offended anyone.

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@shreddyz I see your point, but I like getting my achievements and I am 30 and I have no shame in saying that it gives a sense of accomplishment when playing some games.

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@shreddyz What about achievements is inherently juvenile? I like getting them, personally. It's fun watching your gamerscore climb as you invest more and more time into your games.

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@malokevi @shreddyz well aren't achievements sort of meaningless and after thought of a video game. Ok at the end of a game, let's say you can look at how many people you killed. ok so what? I think developers are spending too much of their resources on meaningless nonsense like these achievements/ imaginary trophies. just my thoughts.

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@malokevi well aren't those discounts rewarded to those who spend more and more time on a given game. Seems to me that devs try to lure players in by adverting these artificial rewards and bonuses instead of creating content that actually has merit.

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@shreddyz @malokevi It probably takes no time at all to implement, and it's fun for people. And on top of that, next gen there will be a rewards program attached to achievements which leads to discounts. So, not only do they quantify your gameplay efforts and are fun to collect, it also has practical rewards.

Nothing but positives. I'm happy with my 21,000GS. It's a matter of opinion of course, but I see no reason to dismiss them.

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denominator meaning the youngest crowd eligible or younger like kids<18.

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wait wait wait, that has to be a typo. Only 5 for multi? Why would they put so few toward the mode the vast majority of people are buying it for, and so many toward single player? I liked the balance of achievements in BF 3, because I never touched the single player. To me, Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer, and there have been a fair amount of multiplayer achievements in the previous games, so why change it now?

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@Fryboy101 There wasn't a lot of them for BF3 either, not until the DLC came out, certainly more than 5. Look on the bright side though, won't have people boosting and cheating to get trophies! Least not till DLC comes out.

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@LS-Chaos @Fryboy101 yeah that's true. Plus, I never really focused on getting the achievements because I was just having too much fun to worry about using certain weapons in one life

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5 online achievements? I played a total of about 15 minutes of the BF3 campaign, just to get my graphics settings tweaked before hopping online. What a waste of achievements.

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@MusclesJAM My graphics are so-so (bout 60fps, very slightly micro stutter every 5 mins or so, but bearable) my friends can run bf3 60fps+ on high/ultra but bf4 for them is unplayable, micro stutters every minute, poor fps, on low or ultra.... i cant stand playing with random people in my squad, so im waiting for the game to be optimised in the beta to play again with my friends...

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@sephsplace @MusclesJAM I would try out the beta drivers from Nvidia or AMD. I was having terrible framerates, even with an overclocked 670, but after installing the beta drivers things stabilized quite a bit.

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@NeoMortiny @dogbert784 @malokevi @CommanderShiro You're welcome.

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@dogbert784 @malokevi @CommanderShiro "Press X to chop off his leg. Feel the emotion"

This goes on twitter.

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@dominoodle @CommanderShiro I hated the trophy where you needed to get a kill with a specific vehicle, handgun, and assault weapon in one life. -___-

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3 endings huh? sweet

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consider this your preview of what your xbone's hdd will be filled with.

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Only 5 achievements for online? What the hell!?!?!

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@CommanderShiro Multiplayer achievements can be a huge pain in the ass. They can either be a huge grind or be completely luck based. Or even worse, achievements that cause people to ignore the objectives.

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@CommanderShiro Yeah that's lame. I never play the campaign... and I like getting achievements.

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@malokevi @CommanderShiro EA wants you to have an emotional connection with your campaign squad mates.

Press X to chop off his leg. Feel the emotion

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Single Player>>>> Multiplayer

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@PCISCOOL Usually, but not when it comes to multiplayer focused games. Battlefield 3's campaign was pretty much a waste of space and 4 hours.

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Second assault available day 1 on XB1.... WITH METRO REMAKE!!

WOOOOOOO! Looks like I'm gonna have to go premium right out of the gate.

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Achievement whores will be happy.

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@shreddyz I know I am happy with this news I hate on-line achievements.