Battlefield 3 taking market share from MW3 - Moore

Electronic Arts COO says there's no doubt that DICE first-person shooter is eating into Call of Duty's dominance in the genre.


Before Battlefield 3 launched, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore said the DICE-developed first-person shooter didn't have to outsell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to be considered a success. It just had to eat into the game's market share.

Battlefield 3 took aim at Call of Duty and at least winged it.
Battlefield 3 took aim at Call of Duty and at least winged it.

Now that both games have been out for a month, Moore believes that particular mission has been accomplished. Speaking with Industry Gamers, Moore said there was little doubt that Battlefield 3 had cut into Call of Duty's hold on the first-person shooter market.

"Two entities have benefited from Call of Duty and Battlefield being on the market: gamers and the industry (retailers and people who rely on the ability to sell big blockbuster games)," Moore said. "Together we've grown the genre enormously. Ten million [copies of Battlefield 3] sold in and 5 million sold through doesn't come out of nowhere--if we haven't gained share, that means in the first week we've added 5 million new FPS gamers.

"I think when the dust fully settles, maybe when we're looking at this at the end of our fiscal year (March 31, 2012), we'll do an analysis and I think we will have taken share. I don't think there's any doubt about that, unless everything BF3 sells is just incremental."

While it might take some of Call of Duty's market share, Battlefield 3 is unlikely to outsell its largest competitor. While EA's shooter sold 5 million copies in its first week on sale, Activision's effort set an all-time record, with 6.5 million units sold in its first 24 hours on shelves. Moore's original stated goal was to knock Modern Warfare 3 down from a 90 percent market share of the genre to 70 percent.

For more on the first-person shooter face-off, check out GameSpot's reviews of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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btw i can promise that by next Battlefield ... their share of the market for FPS multiplayer will be 50-50.

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Every time i play BF3, it amazes me how awesome and how enoumus is this game,By enormous i don mean only the map i mean the whole game, guns and the costumizations ... everything its amazing ... its so awesome,its so beautiful,fantastic animations,and its fast. (From former COD fan)

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They both suck. Lets move on.

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Im so over this CoD vs BF fiasco....

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@darnasian XD the way you were dropping the f bomb sure sounds like you're mad. i think you're just trying to play it off. but hey it's cool not everyone can take a little criticism about something they love. it's all good we don't think any less of you now than when you first started speaking ;)

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@another_drew Nope but I think you actually are...if not then good for you... Try to learn that just because I pointed some facts that may annoy you because you simply don't like doesn't mean I'm mad... The last comment was because I got pretty sick of this know this kind of discussions tend to be pretty long and sometimes boring...better end the subject...XD

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@darnasian u mad bro? XD

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@another_drew WTF were you talking about in the last few sentences....and when the hell did I say it's hard to be a good COD player...dude you're off the again... I actually said in my last comment that Battlefield 3 is about teamwork and defeating the enemy... Never said there aren't "rambo" players on BF3...I actually said that they usually suck at BF3 because getting lots of kills without completing the objectives or helping your team is BS... Since you know so much of COD...It can easily be interpreted that you as well were a COD fanboy... And you statement that COD fanboys that give BF3 a try and they are terrible is BS nonsense... Gamers can f***ing adapt to different games and play styles... You think is hard to do teamwork and play tactical in BF3 if you were a COD payer... Well this may say some things about you...a lot actually... I know many people which played COD and were big faboys and they are hell more tactical than you ever stfu because BF3s most plaers were COD players which wnated a change...or what...are u some kind of nerd that lived with the impression that BF3 players never played another shooter in their life besides Battlefield?... Where the hell do you live?... This is the FPS genre and is impossible to not have played at least a few other FPS franchises... Dude obviously are just a BF3 fanboy that is frustrated because of this awful and useless war between those 2 franchises...

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@ROTTENCORPSE666 I think you misread my comment. I said that staying alive in a tank is the hard part, not the killing people with it or killing a tank itself. The skill tank drivers need to master isn't aim, but evasion. And what does CoD have to do with tank survival in BF3? I didn't even mention CoD. oO

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@darnasian you my friend are incorrect. all of these "rambo" players as you call them are on bf3 and yes they do get kills, however they also do not accomplish anything. great you kill alot of people. but, what about that tank that just drove right by you that you could've disabled with your rpg. instead you decided to run around and pick other players off with it. no i'm not saying they aren't there, however from every single one that i have seen, these cod fanboys that are just giving bf a try a terrible. everyone i play with agrees. and im sorry if i dont agree that being good a cod is difficult. it is far from difficult to have a better connection use one specific op weapon and pull of some bs half a$$ scope. you cannot say that a game that is filled with a bunch of preteens that can easily pull off 30+ kills in a game is difficult. you can't, you just can't. no matter how you argue it, being good at cod is like winning the gold in the special olympics.

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@another_drew Dude check again because you are partially wrong... I'm not saying it is hard to be good at COD... But try to play against other players which are skilled too... Also lots of campers and other stuff... And since when COD players couldn't play BF3... I play COD and also BF3 and I don't have any problem and manage quite well on both... Those fake urban myths that a COD player can't play BF3 are BS... Try to think out of the box... Gamers can adapt to different games... The thing about BF3 is teamwork... And believe don't really have to be a COD player and play Rambo style...One man army...or whatever...and suck at BF3... You can as well be a Crysis 2 player which never played COD and still like the Rambo style game play...

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true BF3 is eating market share but still MW is and will stand dominant.

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@Fernin-Ker sorry man wrong again, you see, a GOOD player can take out a tank with the right weapon. Tanks dont bother me, I can usually stop em with 2 again..if you are SKILLED, you can do it. And its not very easy to drive a tank while it is surrounded with enemies firing RPG's...There is no way around the oversized hit detection boxes in CoD, which are created to assist the less skilled players earn kills, instead of their aim earning the kills. just watch any of the replays and you see the aim and the bullets are nowhere near the player bu there is still blood coming out from the bodies. The game is simple, with no strategy...but its still fun, but just not as deep or good as the Battlefield multiplayer

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i used to original and witty... but then i took an arrow to the knee.

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I'm getting fairly tired of people discussing the health status of their knee. Old meme is old. You are not original or witty.

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I still play bc2 sometimes, even after 2 years of heavily playing, it still manages to provide some refreashing experiences. and ofcourse, i play bf3 everyday.

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(a lackluster) "fantastic"...this awful game managed to scrape Activision's expect these clowns (EA) to pump out another "winner" next year..BTW, I'm not a MW fanboy..I prefer BFBC2 and, believe it or not, Medal of Honor over BF3 and MW3..this EA/Activision Market dominance bull hurts all of us as it creates a lackluster, BS rivalry, only to hype up sales, and sell us crap games..there's power in numbers, and as long as we keep supporting their numbers..expect to see no innovation on their part..

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mw3 took an arrow to the knee

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well i got bf3 on PC and only played the single player for 2mins lol, only to sort my graphics out on putting everything to ultra, i play online which is why i bought bf3. i bought MW3 on ps3 and got very bored of the game as its just a copy n paste multiplayer from past CODs, nothing really has changed, so i sold it. what is all this talk of ' i took an arrow in the knee' ???

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Doesnt matter, Skyrim beat the sh** out of both games in every way.

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Battlefield has certainly taken my market share from CoD. Bought the Prestige Edition of MW2, but will probably get MW3 pre-owned (only interested in the story so Activision won't be getting a penny from me). But I wouldn't say that BF3 is the great beginnings of a coup I was expecting it to be.

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COD won Game of the Year at the VGA's?!!! Who the heck voted? Both Batman AND Uncharted are both better imo. Shorter, but better. I hate CoD with a passion.

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After the debacle that is MW3, I will not be playing anymore COD games.

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i use to play cod & bf like you's, then i took an arrow in the knee.

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@goodbye77 Oh I pay attention to what I play. The bottom line is in BF is there are always counters for every situation. BF3 is very balanced maybe just some minor issues with balance but, overall most people who complain about balance just suck at the game. Like you.

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so i'm guessing if i bought B.F.3 it would be better if was playing against other people who are also playing the game even if they are playing online.

Avatar image for charlieboomboom

i bought bf3, dislike the open areas maps. I havent tryed the new cod or the last one for that matter..went stale after mw2.. I dont even bother with desent storyline in fps since the first brothers in arms game.

Avatar image for FlamingNinja77

i definitely agree with this guy like BF3 story blows and it copies a lot from MW3. They have vehicles in the game and they barely let you drive them and COD doesnt even have vehicles and you can drive a sled in MW2, a helicopter and a bike in BOs now thats kinda of sad if you ask me. Also BF3 graphics on xbox and PS3 fail to impress me which is a bad thing cause i never can see myself playing on PC.

Avatar image for another_drew

@spahettificator that you would buy something and call it new because it has a number after the title. its people like you who give these companies reasons to not try anymore and release the same crap year after year. there is nothing original in video games any more. they are starting to seem like the same concept. very few games out there capture anything close to originality and creativity.

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@another_drew "/facepalm its guy like you that make me feel really really bad for the younger generation today." Care to explain why?

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Really, even just looking at the games, Battlefield is way more tactical, and is for people who like REAL shooters. Call of Duty is just all about run and gun, Simple concept for simple minds of it's players. Yes I do own both titles, but I only play MW3 when my girlfriends over. Battlefield all the way!

Avatar image for ender707

@CluBBedToDeAth, I agree, conquest alone makes the game worth playing. But if they want to take market share from COD they need a solid TDM mode, and the one they have in BF3 turned a lot of potential COD converts away.

Avatar image for ender707

@ZedX-14Pilot , Good job calling me an idiot and accusing me of never playing the game. Load up BF3 right now, go to Team Death Match, and try all day long to spawn in on your squadmates. You can not do it in team death match, and all I said is that the mode would be better if you could.

Avatar image for phazer

Isn't that just playing with words? According to Moore, Call of Duty had 90% market share last year. Right. This year it might be 70% or whatever, but obviously it's going to drop if a big game like Battlefield 3 is released (if it doesn't then there's obviously something wrong). Since Modern Warfare 3 outsold Black Ops then it's a fact that there's even more people are buying MW3. It's not that the figures are coming out from nowhere, it's just that people can buy both games. So instead of all this bragging and what not, how about going back to Karkand already?

Avatar image for Phazevariance

I was hesitant to buy black ops after the crap that was MW2... then when MW3 came out i refused to even play it. COD is not a game that will remain in my game collection anymore, its so much of the same garbage over and over. Honestly, MW1 (COD4) was the pinacle of the COD series.

Avatar image for almossbb

i hate it when a guy says hes a gamer, and his collection only consists of MW,MW2,MW3,BF,BF2,BF3,the fifas. i mean come on those are not the only games to buy every year goddamit

Avatar image for almossbb

BF and MW are quite different, but i think i prefer MW only because of its controls. they are just more.....fluid and tight. still the only MW game i have is MW3, and i dont plan on buying next years installments of both games, not until they show some initiative in improving these games because they have some major problems.

Avatar image for VALikimlav

Well I've been playing Battlefield. Just wish the Bad Company 2 maps were in the game instead of some of the crappy ones this one has.

Avatar image for X_Colbert_X

"Two entities have benefited from Call of Duty and Battlefield being on the market: gamers and the industry" Yes, because perpetuating the tradition of half-baked singleplayer campaigns and rehashed multiplayer is so beneficial for gamers.

Avatar image for _Silent_Jay_

@recon50: So, that's like what? 60 people since the release of MW3? How many bought MW3 from you since launch? How many copies have sold worldwide since launch? So, yeah, those numbers you quote are pretty worthless.

Avatar image for recon50

I work in a game store and we have people bringing cod back for bf3 which is about 7 to 10 people a week and then we have 2 or 3 more people buying bf3 not cod so. people are tired of getting ripped off and it will show in the months to come. iw better spend thier money wise cause they wont do this to gamers twice.

Avatar image for brunorr

I just hope EA doesn't start releasing carbon copy sequels like the COD ones.

Avatar image for trivolution

"Two entities have benefited from Call of Duty and Battlefield being on the market: gamers and the industry" I know which one benefited the most.

Avatar image for John_Read

but CS and TF2 is still the best :P

Avatar image for tyr_feratos

@goodbye77 Then why on earth are you doing in here you are one ill retarded attention whore.

Avatar image for nousername66

I used to like COD, unlike I realized I was being ripped off year after year with the same rehash since 2007. Now it's just a cash-cow for Bobby Kotick and co. Real COD fans left the series long ago and moved over to BF where they actually try and innovate and give their fans a new and refreshing experience.

Avatar image for mrsniper83

So is that why they said that Black Ops and MW2 are still played more than BF3,sounds like they are trying but its not working out liked they hoped.

Avatar image for strothers101

Have been loving the shat outta this game, cant wait for BtK on 360, only thing is my live subscription ran out and the xbox live website has taken a glitch to the knee so I cant resub.

Avatar image for goodbye77

Im no fan of either game, MW3 or BF3. Just here to say BF3 sucksssss. Thumb me down foolsss