Battlefield 3 Premium sells 1.3 million

Electronic Arts says its hits made up for its misses and posts slight first quarter declines year-over-year; Origin reaches 21M users.


Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3 Premium service hit 1.3 million users as of June 30, but the company's profits and revenue both shrank slightly from the same period last year. EA's report on its first quarter 2013 financial results for the period ended June 30 revealed a growing digital business and shrinking packaged segment. These digital gains included the flourishing Battlefield 3 premium, which EA said made up for disappointing returns on Star Wars: The Old Republic.

EA says digital is where it's at.
EA says digital is where it's at.

EA posted a total revenue of $955 million and a net income of $201 million, compared to $999 million in total revenue and $221 million in net profits from the company's first quarter of 2011. The figures show a 4.4 percent decrease in revenue and a 9 percent decrease in profits year-to-year.

A few highlights from the quarter's performance were given, including Battlefield 3's Premium subscription service's expansion from the 800,000 attracted in the program's first two weeks. President of EA Labels Frank Gibeau said new Premium purchases brought in $37 million in revenue for the month of June alone. EA's Origin download service also reached 21 million subscribers, in comparison to Steam's most-recently reported 41 million.

EA also announced Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming tiered free-to-play system and set its projected total revenue for its current fiscal year at $3.9-$4.05 billion.

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