Battlefield 3 not coming to Steam

Electronic Arts' long list of digital retail partners leaves off Valve's online distribution hub.


Last month, rumor had it that DICE's upcoming modern-day shooter Battlefield 3 would skip Valve's digital distribution outlet Steam altogether. Now, publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that speculation.

Battlefield 3 won't break into Steam.
Battlefield 3 won't break into Steam.

The list of global digital retail partners for Battlefield 3 is extensive, but it does not include Steam--the digital distribution juggernaut with over 30 million users. As of press time, EA had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment on the matter.

Battlefield 3 skipping Steam is not an entirely wild scenario. EA recently opened its own digital distribution shop--Origin--and has tussled with Steam lately, pulling Dragon Age II, Crysis 2, and others from Steam.

For more on Battlefield 3, which is due out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 25, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

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They are doing this because they want to touch our butts! xD xD xD No offense, but you CAN'T beat Steam. They have a BIG Community, and the Friends interface, and the In-Game Interface. The End

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@Landsharkk Steam has been there sense the beginning and continues to make their service superior from everyone else. I do not want to have to use Origins because I like Steam. I also have been on Steam for almost 4 years and I am not going to change. I have all my games on it, all my friends, and its just a lot better to use.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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This is not fair to the people without consoles, who want the best deal for this amazing game. I myself have and Xbox, but can see how this can be frustrating. I use steam alot on PC, and don't understand, they just want to advertise and force people to use their own PC shop.

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damn it now i cant get battlefield3 at 1 minute past midnight unless i pay for the origin version which costs 39 pounds. Bying battlefield on Amazon

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@lulz79 You can activate the EA games you bought @Steam on Origin. I successfully activated Crysis 2, MoH, BFBC2, ME2, DAO, DA2 and CnC 3+4 for example. It works fine!

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EA is lame. what's that ? origin? fudge ur origin.if it's not on steam I ain't buying it.and what's this crap with "charge secondhand users for online play." what do they mean by secondhand??

Avatar image for Entropy730

@ToySoldier34 Origin also patches games for you...

Avatar image for WiteLite

i dont understand what EA's problem is with steam. the first linked article says something about being forced to download the steam client. is this really why there upset? someone enlighten me please.

Avatar image for demonic_85

I pre-ordered a box copy, now I just hope someone develops a crack to bypass Origin. I understand why EA is upset with Steam but they're passing up the largest base of PC gamers rather than work with Valve on a solution.

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@Scorpion2007 Call of Duty games look the same as they did when Call of Duty 4 released. They haven't done anything innovative since then either.

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@Entropy730 I like my games on Steam because it updates everything for me and I never have to patch and look for updates. Also it tracks all my gameplay and I can see my friends stats also. Steam just makes everything much easier.

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

I will go out of my way to never buy a game from Origin. If this was some game other than BF3 doing crap like this usually makes me pass on the game because I really don't support these actions at all.

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Well I'm fine with this as long as they don't use it to shove Ea's Origin store in my face, I'm not buying battlefield 3 because I care about EA, Im buying it because I care about battlefield 3.

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@crim86 This are your words"The normal people and I will be happily enjoying DICE's masterpiece and getting our 60$ worth, regardless of what avenues we take to complete the purchase. You guys enjoy your stand-alone 60$ mod for CoD4, and a subscription fee to track your stats" so in a certain way you started the comparison masterpiece vs COD 4 mod but ok it was not my intention to be here comparing everyone buys what they want. Peace my friend.

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What happens to the Crysis 2's and Dragon Age 2's that people bought through Steam? Do they get a free copy off of Origin?

Avatar image for crim86

@Scorpion2007 The topic of discussion is BF3's absence from Steam. I'm not going to get into a debate with you regarding the game's features and engine capabilities, especially since you have introduced a comparison to Modern Warfare 3. Sorry pal, it's not going to be another one of those discussions.

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I don't blame EA now that i think about. Steam takes away a dollar for every purchase so if battlefield sold around 2 million (on steam) thats 2 million dollars that you could have achieved. And lets face it who dosent love money?

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@XeroSniper "Just bought BF3 Through Amazon to charge EA as much money as possible for the game" Ok, so... by what basis you are the one charging money to EA by buying the physical format one of it's games? Since it's a pre-order offer, you are giving they EVEN MORE money...

Avatar image for NeoEnigma

People commenting that think this is entirely EA's fault... are morons. Sigh...

Avatar image for Entropy730

When you get it, add Battlefield 3 to Steam as a non-Steam game. Problem solved

Avatar image for Scorpion2007

@crim86_conclusion 4 - As for no Battlefield 3 on STEAM I must say EA managers must be very Ignorant they are forgetting many steam values but there is one that is very important that is the Community aspect lots of people like to invite their Steam Friends to play etc etc and they must remember one thing many people will buy both MW3 and BF3 many have decided witch one they will buy but there is a lot of people that didn't decide witch one to buy but this Steam Exclusion for BF3 certainly helped them a lot deciding for the Modern Warfare 3 as their 2011 FPS choice. So EA people open your eyes not the right time for this decision this may be the ORIGIN of your lack of sells and other problems. But this is just my opinion of course.

Avatar image for Scorpion2007

@crim86 How do you know Battlefield 3 will be this "DICE's masterpiece" what gameplay experience do you have of the actual game OH I see you are judging by the gameplay videos well let me tell you 4 things 1 - For what Ive seen on the videos Battlefield 3 can be a polished mod of the latest Medal of Honor using the frostbite engine that wasn't so great as we all know. 2 - Frostbite 1 wasn't such a great engine and we have yet no proof that Frostbite 2 will represent such a big leap, the videos Ive seen don't give me the idea this will be that better comparing from frostbite 1 it certainly looks like a polished engine with a medal of honorish gameplay certainly not justifying the hype everyone are making EXCELLENT AUDIO EFFECTS though. 3 - Modern warfare 3 isn't just simply a COD 4 mod its way better as you can see in gameplay videos way better than cod 4 way way better than the cartoonish black ops, better graphics more realistic movements better textures etc etc but Call of Duty have a aspect that is representative of the series at least the ones made by infinity ward that is THE GAMEPLAY FUN this games are made in a way that they become addictive for all ages that you will want to play with your friends for a very long time.

Avatar image for Mondrath

To all those who think that this will in anyway affect EA as a capitalist entity, please think again. Whether we like it or not, over the last decade EA has become so large and has dragged under its umbrella so many companies that nothing short of WWIII (and maybe not even that) can knock them of their perch at the top of the distributor and developer ladder. Many may hate it but EA is here to stay. God help us all!

Avatar image for Neil_Clancy

Fine, then I'll be buying retail for the first time in a long time. And adding it to my Steam library. Screw you EA, you're just as bad as Activision. I feel sorry for the amazing people at DICE who have to work with you.

Avatar image for PoutnikSantiago

...and the piracy is taking the lead again.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1


Avatar image for cbb1018

well idc as long as there is some way for me to get my hands on this game im good

Avatar image for warofgears

lol @ EA for thinking Origin is going to take off

Avatar image for skattestop

Why is everyone so upset about this ? Just add it to steam as a non-steam game, that's what i will do :) I doubt it'll force us to use Origin. If it does has gotten better lately but still....ehm...

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

@luizferrarezzi Origin would mean a competitor for Steam; when there is no competition is when a monopoly takes place (Like microsoft in the past with Internet Explorer). It's exactly the oposite of what you stated, check related documentation online if you don't believe me. Also (and just in case) I'll let you know that as of now I'm not interested in Origin.

Avatar image for XeroSniper

Just bought BF3 Through Amazon to charge EA as much money as possible for the game, Screw you EA. And you know what Else EA im going to add a "non steam game" to Steam and that non steam game with be BF3, So now i have it preordered i'll have it on steam, and i get the preorder map pack 'n such. SUCK IT Might i add That amazon wont charge for same day shipping so i will get the game on teh 25th! HAHAHAHAHA Funny part is that they'll see taht only 1 in every 100 posts finds this change positive and they'll just ignore it and not give a **** about our thoughts on their stupid action. Nope, they'll act like we're little flies who need to be swatted and trained to do what we want then to do. They have 0 respect for our thoughts, why give them any if you must buy the game buy it through amazon, dont support origin then they'll realize oh hell we made more money through steam. We're stupid. Oh hell 25 million people aren't buying the game cause it didn't come to steam. We only attracted 2% of the crowed we where hoping to convert from steam to origin. You know Origin? That ****ty software we put together in a week and expect you to switch to? Yea that...

Avatar image for Tidal_Abyss

I'll be getting the physical copy of the game (always my preference), I just hope it won't force you to dl Origin to play the game.

Avatar image for dude976

@dstv They do improve, though. They've improved over the years, and I'm sure they'll continue to. Origin, however, is just a rehashed version of EA's download manager, essentially. With that same clause that lets them remove games from your account for no apparent reason.

Avatar image for joeborg14

Looks like I'm chalking this up to another passed over EA game, along with DA2, Crysis 2, the list goes on...

Avatar image for dstv

Give origin a chance jeez....sure steam is the it thing right now but if nobody competes with it they won't have any reason to improve.....basic eco guys pure competition is ALWAYS better than monopoly

Avatar image for FstrthnU

Is it REALLY that much trouble to go to your nearest Gamestop or go to Amazon to order a box copy of Battlefield 3? I find Steam neat, but I'd rather get the box so that I don't have to waste time downloading it on my slow internet here.

Avatar image for crim86

Reading some of the comments here brings me to the conclusion that all these cry babies are divas of the highest caliber. There is no sense in attempting to correct your distorted perceptions of the matter at hand. Throw your little fits of fury, and boycot all you want. The normal people and I will be happily enjoying DICE's masterpiece and getting our 60$ worth, regardless of what avenues we take to complete the purchase. You guys enjoy your stand-alone 60$ mod for CoD4, and a subscription fee to track your stats. If you like paying more for less simply because it is more convenient, then by all means go ahead. You know what's right for you. For me personally, it does not matter who earns more money from sales: MW3 or BF3. My favorite game's servers will be full regardless, forums will be buzzing, cool videos will be posted on YouTube. Memories will be made.

Avatar image for Joeshmo93

why doesn't everybody just buy a hard copy of the game....doesn't make any sense why someone would want to get a digital download for a $60 game.

Avatar image for elozl

too bad, then i wont buy the game for PC :( or any new EA game that i wanted to get on steam...

Avatar image for Stick32

EA is wanting other online sellers to sell the game, and force you to buy the DLC through them. Steam is simply saying if you won't let us sell the dlc through our store, then we won't sell your game. Is that really that evil? You think they would try that move with Gamestop? I doubt it. EA is the one going after other online retailers here.

Avatar image for psicat1976

Go Origin. I love hearing all the sad little Steam fanboys cry.

Avatar image for adilejaz

I want to hear the crying of MW series haters over this news!! That is how much they love you PC boys!! It is always easy to get your own dedis started for a game through steam!! but now all those countries specifically middle east and lots of asian countries will cry for a full price game that does not have anything to offer for mulltiplayer to them!!

Avatar image for aesir05

aussies can buy the game dirt cheap on play asia if they don't want to support origin or boycott ea boycotting steam I would absolutely HATE if Origin was forcefully installed onto systems.

Avatar image for TurambarGS

Damn, this is bad news for me. BF3 pre-order on the Origin store is AUD $80 - which is 33% higher than the US Origin store price (AUD is worth more than USD as well!). They're only taking their games off Steam so that they can employ regional price gouging. I WON'T be buying from your service while you're ripping me off, EA. Disappointing.

Avatar image for OmegaRecon

It sucks that such a great game is published by a fail and crap company.

Avatar image for dphares

Cheers. I freaking HATE steam. EA/Dice Rules! Can't wait for bf3!

Avatar image for luizferrarezzi

@Warlord_Irochi supporting EA is supporting monopoly

Avatar image for Phaselinear

Quit steam 3 years ago or great loss.

Avatar image for Unfallen_Satan

I don't support Steam as a gaming gateway/platform, but it has some fantastically low price deals. I oppose any trend where a large, diverse group of people or interests coalesce (as with the many unrelated games and gamers on Steam) and allow one entity to exert control over them (such as Steam's own DRM regardless of whether it could remove the publisher's own DRM). I believe this kind of homogenization is dangerous to the evolution of our society. That said, I hope EA is rejecting Steam for similar reasons and not to divert people to Origin. The pricing of most publishers' own online stores is so out of touch with the reality of online retail that a false hope that they could switch Steam shoppers of BF3 to Origin shoppers is, as others have said, suicide.