Battlefield 3 for PC will require Origin

Retail copies of first-person shooter will still need Electronic Arts' digital distribution client installed in order to run.


Battlefield 3 is coming to a long list of digital retailers in addition to Origin, but there's no avoiding Electronic Arts' own digital distribution service for PC gamers set on playing the military first-person shooter, regardless of how they get the game.

Battlefield 3 is also taking the fight to Steam.
Battlefield 3 is also taking the fight to Steam.

Global Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros confirmed the Origin prerequisite through Twitter this week. When asked by a Twitter user about rumors that Battlefield 3 would require Origin even for players who had the DVD copy of the game, Matros simply replied, "Yes those 'rumors' are true :)"

The tactic to push EA's new social networking store platform is not a new one. Valve has been requiring Steam to be installed on PCs for its games since Half-Life 2 launched in 2004, regardless of whether the game was acquired digitally or through a retailer, while Blizzard insists World of Warcraft and Starcraft II players use to get their game on.

For more on Battlefield 3, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Great more spam for may already spammed mail DAMN YOU EA (Eating Arts)

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@CommandoAgent Uh?, where that comes from? it's been almost one month since I commented anything here...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@skinntech Been using EADM since they made it basicly... and i tell you.. its the same thing... the only thing thats different is that they added a "friends list" thingie to it... other then that its the same... my point of view anyways.... and so far it runs flawless with current games... unlike steam that seems to be declining in preformance... but enough about that... still looking forward to BF3! :)

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@Kisalon; really? They called it a new system so i just assumed it's a new system. Well here's to hoping for flawless launch. I'm kinda bummed though that I still have to have 2 clients to play all my games.

Avatar image for Kisalon

@skinntech this being a new client ? hardly... its just EA Download Manager atm... it looks the same as EA DM did when it changed to Origin.... and compared to Steam EA DM runs more flawless then Steam does

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now every damn gmae company is goning to require users to install and run their owne version of steam. what a crock. soon we won't be able to play games anymore cause our pc's will be bogged down with 50 differnet game clients. im glad they mentioned, that would be a much better solution, but please don't require software on my pc to run your software...

Avatar image for RadecSupreme

Origins has spyware so screw that. I am sorry BF3, but I will have to postpone you or may never buy you.

Avatar image for Blitzkrieg63

Seems like this will do more harm than good for EA's reputation and BF3's sales...

Avatar image for ErikElfEar

Really? come on EA, Battlefield 3 will be the life AND death of origins now, people will buy battlefield 3, get origin, get annoyed with it, and drop it as soon as Battlefield 3 dies, it may take some time, but battlefield 3 is your crowning jewel, the other stuff on your store looks like crap compared to it.

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@aamir69 "I just stated the fact that EA games are more cheat & hack free than steam games." Ok, so what? That's not what this is about. I never play online so I can't even comment on that. Plus its not really that big of a deal. Besides hacking and cheating is fun with friends, just as long as you don't piss anyone off so there goes another bit of freedom.

Avatar image for The_Godfather_

an unnecessary trip..

Avatar image for DoggyTV

Can't wait looked at the trailer I thought I was watching a movie too be honest

Avatar image for thrice00

@Diophage It's not that steam didn't do the same thing 10 years ago. It's about choices. 2011 I'M a Steam users for years. Now they force me to buy some of my games on origin. What will it be in another 10 years ??? Betheseda, THQ, Will they have all their services. I'M a steam users and EA throw me another slap in the face. Why can't they respec their paying customers??

Avatar image for aamir69

@mike12431 Have you understood anything else beside the insult? you said "And here we go again. I'm pretty sure within a month of its release, it will be the most pirated game of the year. You can't stop these guys from cracking games, just stop making everyone else pay for pirates' actions. Plus i'm pretty sure the number of pirated games would go down if they would stop this crap. And honestly, steam is the only thing keeping me from not playing games at all. Goodbye EA, I'm done with you." I just stated the fact that EA games are more cheat & hack free than steam games. COD was just an example and comparison. Did i say EA games are piracy free? If i should think before typing, you should read before even thinking BOY

Avatar image for DITHRICH

a jumpy internet connection could be a problem here.....

Avatar image for mike12431

One more thing I should point out before someone thinks before typing, you don't have to have steam connected to the internet to play steam games. Offline mode is very useful.

Avatar image for mike12431

@aamir69 Hahahaha! seriously, that was quite pathetic there. let me throw a few insults around so I feel like the big guy. How about thinking about what you're saying before you post it. First off, where the hell did COD come from? this is about BF3 and Origin (once again, typing before thinking). Second, well yeah........piracy is a problem all game developers face. Does that mean that requiring Origin to be running will stop it? Of course not. And....well last i'm not really sure what your whole point is on your comment. Is it just to throw insults out? Typical....

Avatar image for aamir69

@ mike12431 Can you please post your narrow minded thoughts on all the games which you are planning to buy? Piracy is the problem all game developers face, even your dad 'steam'. Atleast EA's online play is very secure and no one can pirate it or crack it, oh and people who cheat, they get perma bans via punkbuster. Not like modern warfare where everybody uses cheats and hacks. If your computer can't handle an installation of simple program called Origin, then it wont be able to handle BF3 anyways. I heard there is a new MOD coming for Call of Duty series why dont you buy that since its on steam. It called Modern Warfare 3.......junior

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I'll personally use both Steam and Origin. Both services have good deals and having all my games on two online databases is very convenient. Also, if they go under... you'll still have your CD keys.

Avatar image for Dynamo11

Ah well that's answered my question about whether to buy BF3 on PC or 360. I don't need another Virtual Store installed on my PC that I'll never use (Steam was bad enough)

Avatar image for mike12431

@Diophage I choose steam because they have much better prices with their sales. and if they do close their service (highly unlikely for quite some time) well then that's the gamble. So far i've paid $120 for 14 games and I can play half of em without steam. That sure as hell beats paying over $600 for games that i wont play past 8-12 hours (shooters)

Avatar image for severe_009

I really don't understand why they are forcing us to install these types of client.... sheeeeeeeeeeeesh... I'll buy the game and no I don't want any extra hassle programs to come with it...

Avatar image for deactivated-597bb01c846a2

@mike12431 I find it funny how you criticize EA for their Origin service, yet you're a proponent of Steam. Don't you know that there are no guarantees even with Steam? If they close down their business, you're probably **** out of luck. Servers down, and you want to download your game? Too bad. Cry more. Seriously. Read their terms of service. Now, I'm not here to defend either service. But really, Valve isn't all that peachy. Plus, you have a lot of games these days that require Steam to play. How is that any better? These corporations are just cutting out our choices and limiting our freedom. I won't support anyone of them.

Avatar image for mike12431

And here we go again. I'm pretty sure within a month of its release, it will be the most pirated game of the year. You can't stop these guys from cracking games, just stop making everyone else pay for pirates' actions. Plus i'm pretty sure the number of pirated games would go down if they would stop this crap. And honestly, steam is the only thing keeping me from not playing games at all. Goodbye EA, I'm done with you.

Avatar image for antonisbob

Glad I have a PS3 in all this mess.

Avatar image for GarGx1

@ZoTrAcK Apparantley it's as easy as not using your account, EA supposedly delete in-active accounts after around a year (and all the content attached to it). Never experienced it myself but I've heard it plenty of times

Avatar image for zafira-tdi

what is my net connection permenante what can i do!!!

Avatar image for ZoTrAcK

Anybody know a way to close an account on EA or Origin please?

Avatar image for Crypt1978

@ RIIIIKU I gave you a thumbs down because pirated games do not work online. You only get to play the single-player or offline portion of the game. I thought that was common knowledge....

Avatar image for pidow

@Stakface...I do not need to look for a new hobby....I have enough games, to include 360 & PS3 to play. I am not hurting at the least!. I be playing when you can't.

Avatar image for Robinvd1986

kinda lame that people have to be online to play a freaking game...

Avatar image for Darkreaper_1

@Lucasrolender I'm not avoiding it because of the 5 minute install, i'm avoiding it because i'm a bit fed-up with "having to be online" to play a game even during the single player parts of the game. While they haven't said that will be the case for Battlefront 3 i wouldn't be surprised if that is when it comes out. Blizzard have done it with Starcraft 2 and are doing it with Diablo 3, Steam have done it with a number of games and Ubisoft did it with Assassins Creed 2. It's a pain in the backside and frankly i think it's unfair. If i buy a game i don't want my ability to play it limited due to not having an internet connection or being signed on to an on-line server. What happens when the server goes down? (like Battlenet when SC2 first came out and Bioshock first came out) What happens if a company decides the game is no longer profitable and take the server supporting the game down? What happens if the company folds? You have a game that you, through no fault of your own, can't play. It's my game, i bought it, i shouldn't be forced to download clutter just to play it. I know game companies are trying to stop piracy but this isn't the way to go about it. If anything they are annoying their own customers (some of them at least) and pirates will just bring out a crack so you can play it off-line anyway. Rant over, i'm going to a cuppa and a biscuit!

Avatar image for made_u_look

Well OK screw you EA and screw you Activision. I pray that Bioware will have the balls and say no to this on there IPs

Avatar image for niblackninja

please can steam just own all and forget about this

Avatar image for niblackninja

indeed. Origin - Hi, join me, i have no games that are good, and if i do they are WAY OVERPRICED

Avatar image for Oggy1985

Ditch Steam for Origin, now that's a lol :D

Avatar image for GarGx1

As long as it has an ofline mode to allow people to play games if their connection is down, steam has this so no reason for origin not to. I've no objection to a game needing an online check but I don't agree with always on connections for single player games.

Avatar image for Deugar

Digital distribution is great. Having access to my library of games anywhere is very practical, but I've reached the point where I can't help but think: Do we really need another digital distribution platform? Don't we have enough out there? Having to install several different programs and keeping track of several different libraries of games really isn't my thing, which is why I'm only buying games on steam these days. And is this really a cheaper solution for EA when they could pay Valve for distribution and (through use of steam) DRM as well?

Avatar image for rthanujaya

I m sure Skidrow will figure this out !!!

Avatar image for shani_boy101

Well I'm definitely not going to support EA and it's war against steam, screw them

Avatar image for Lucasrolender

@Darkreaper_1 are you seriously going to avoid battlefield 3 because of a 5 minute install. People seem to be overeacting about origin. I know it's annoying that you have to download all this crap to play a game but honestly, are you going to avoid one of the biggest games of the year just because of this....

Avatar image for Darkreaper_1

I've had loads of problems with steam so now EA have jumped on the band wagon i'm not going to be buying Battlefield 3. I don't see why game companies are intent on making their customers jump through so many hoops just to a ply a game they have purchased fair and square. It doesn't stop piracy, it doesn't make the game more enjoyable, it doesn't make the game easy to play all it does is pi*s us off! Hope they realise this soon and stop making us sign up to whatever on-line client they've created just to play.

Avatar image for CRimsonEagleX

Sh** like this is why people pirate games! They don't want origins! Neither do I, was looking forward to this game so badly, but if I were to buy it I would be a hypocrite. If we, the PC community wanted a digital distribution, digital rights management, and/or a multiplayer communications platform we would install it OPTIONALLY. In other words EA, suck on your missing sale...

Avatar image for moe3000

EA this is your only and ORIGINAL sin

Avatar image for GamerBaboo

maybe instead of Piracy, if they pay more attention towards online hackers, they'd get more players. I'm fed up of aimbotters in bfbc2

Avatar image for rrajc

Scratch this off my 'to-play' list. No wonder this didn't show up on Steam's Preorders. I already have Steam and some games. Now I have to have Origin just to play this one game and possibly future EA games? No thanks.

Avatar image for Hornet85

I miss the time when a retail copy of a game is actually a stand alone game, no need any additional software just to run them. EA is really exploiting Battlefield's popularity every way it can to promote Origin, shame.

Avatar image for Darnasian

@DemonChorro Bioware won't let this happen! They know this is a very bad move!

Avatar image for 12qazx

This is not a problem at all. If you installed The Sims 3 you practically installed origins.