Battlefield 2042 Weekly Mission (Dec. 23-30): Deck Out Your M5C Bolte

Battlefield 2042 puts you through your paces to get a nice new wrap for the Bolte.


Though Battlefield 2042 hasn't started its official first season yet, developer DICE has added at least one new live-game feature in the form of weekly challenges with cosmetic rewards. For the week of December 23, Battlefield 2042's Weekly Mission requires a mix of offensive gameplay and support work, earning you a new skin for the M5C Bolte vehicle.

Here's what you need to know to complete the Weekly Mission, as well as some tips for knocking it out fast.

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Weekly Mission requirements (Dec. 23-30)

  1. Earn 15 ribbons
  2. 60 enemies killed or teammates revived
  3. Resupply 40 teammates with ammo

To quickly make progress through this week's mission, you'll probably want to use either Angel or Falk. Both characters can revive any other teammates, not just squadmates, which means you'll be able to rack up lots of revives in addition to kills on enemy players and bots. While Falk revives players with more health, Angel is the better choice because of his Loadout Crate, which he can call in to resupply teammates--which should count toward the 40 you need to provide ammo. In this way, you can pushon multiple requirements at the same time.

You'll also want to equip the Ammo Crate gear for your loadout, which will allow you to dump ammo on teammates much more frequently than if you just rely on Angel's ability. The extra ammo is great for Angel, but if you prefer to use another specialist while working on the Weekly Mission, the Ammo Crate is still a must for the resupply requirement.

As for ribbons, these you should unlock organically as you play matches, but you'll earn them much more quickly if you play as an effective teammate and support other players. Reviving, healing and resupplying teammates, sticking to objectives, and spotting enemies all earn you ribbons, as does racking up kills--so be a team player and you should knock out this requirement quickly.

Here's a rundown of the five ribbons in the game and what it takes to earn them:

  • Objective: Play the objective
  • Wingman: Revive teammates and earn assists
  • Logistics: Heal and resupply teammates, repair vehicles
  • Intel: Spot enemies and vehicles
  • Combat: Kill enemies and destroy vehicles

What you'll earn

Completing the weekly mission for December 23 gets you the Naval Diffuse skin for the M5C Bolte. You can check it out below.

Blue camo doesn't really work in the desert, but at least it looks cool.
Blue camo doesn't really work in the desert, but at least it looks cool.

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