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Battlefield 2042 Trailer References The RendeZook Feat - And One Of The Creators Is Stoked

The announcement trailer for Battlefield 2042 pays homage to one of the most famous fan highlights in Battlefield history.


If you played one of the older Battlefield games, chances are that you came across one of the handful of videos of a player jumping out of a fighter jet, blowing up an enemy plane with a rocket launcher, and then getting back into his original jet. This act, that's been dubbed a RendeZook (for "rendezvous" and "bazooka") has become one of the most well-known in Battlefield. In the announcement trailer for Battlefield 2042, developer DICE paid homage to it--and the creator of one of the original videos was extremely excited.

You can see the reference clip from the Battlefield 2042 trailer at around the 3:00 minute mark. User Schemov, who is still heavily involved in the Battlefield community, streamed out his response to the announcement trailer, not knowing ahead of time that it would incorporate a reference to the RendeZook. His reaction when seeing the clip is priceless, and you can watch it in the embed below.

This feat of quick-thinking and dexterity in Battlefield 3 became so well-known among players that it became a meme of sorts. As enshrined in Urban Dictionary, "rendezook" has become slang for pulling off a similar accomplishment in any game.

In addition to the trailer, DICE also revealed that Battlefield 2042 is coming on October 22 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Although the game won't have a single-player campaign, it'll still incorporate significant story elements: it features a world stricken from climate disaster where independent soldiers have to align with either the United States or Russia in a global war. For more, check out our full coverage of DICE's rundown on Battlefield 2042, and our breakdown video that goes over all of the details hidden in the announcement trailer. In addition, you can learn more about the Battlefield 2042 beta that'll arrive in the near future.

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