Battlefield 2042 Season 2: Master Of Arms Release Date, New Map, More Weapons Revealed

Battlefield 2042's next season kicks off August 30--here's what we know.


EA and DICE have announced the first details on Battlefield 2042 Season 2. The sophomore season is called Master of Arms, and it's set for release on August 30 on all platforms.

The new season adds a new map set in the Panama Canal called Stranded, as well as a new Specialist character, more weapons and gear, and a new battle pass with 100 tiers of content.

The new map, Stranded, sees players fighting in a drained lake near a shipwrecked tanker called the Starg Ceres. Players will fight for control of the ship, and can go inside it for close-quarters combat.

As for the new Specialist, Charlie Crawford joins Battlefield 2042 in Season 2. He's a healer and support character who can revive players and refill their gadgets. He can also use the Mounted Vulcan minigun.

Speaking of new stuff, Battlefield 2042's new season add the AM40 carbine, which bills itself as a "midpoint" between an assault rifle and a submachine gun. Another new gun is the Avancys, which is a light machine gun. The PF41 is a mix between an SMG and a pistol, meanwhile, while another new item is the concussion grenade which temporarily confuses enemies.

What's new in the Master of Arms update
What's new in the Master of Arms update

Battlefield 2042's Season 2 also introduces the EBLC-RAM, a four-seat vehicle that also serves as a spawn point if players place a beacon on it. Another new vehicle is the Polaris RZR, which is a lightweight buggy.

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 introduces a new feature called Assignments, which are progression tracks that allow players to unlock more weapons that were previously available only in Battlefield Portal. The M60E3 and M16A3 are the first two, with more to come in the future. Players can use the Assignments feature to unlock content from Season 1 as well, including vehicles, weapons, and a Specialist character.

As for Battlefield Portal, the mode gets new features in Season 2, including the ability to scale down battlefields for more frenetic action. Additionally, five weapons from Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942 are being added to Portal in Season 2.

The new Specialist, Charlie Crawford
The new Specialist, Charlie Crawford

Battlefield 2042 didn't have the smoothest launch, but it was the fifth best-selling game overall in the US for 2021. EA and DICE are said to be learning from the struggles and apply those lessons to the next Battlefield game, which is reportedly now in development.

Beyond that, EA is creating a Battlefield connected universe, and this will also include a narrative-focused game from Master Chief designer Marcus Lehto's new studio.

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