Battlefield 2042 Player Sentiment Improves From "Mostly Negative" To "Mixed" On Steam Since S1 Launch

The game currently has 3x more players than Halo Infinite on Steam.


Almost one month after the release of Battlefield 2042's season one, the game's player reviews have finally moved from "mostly negative" to "mixed" on Steam.

It's no secret that EA's first-person multiplayer shooter launched in a bit of a state. Shortly after its release in November last year, the game received more than 33,000 mostly negative reviews on Steam with many calling out the DICE for its lack of features and functionality, as well as buggy experience.

However, following the release of Season 1: Zero Hour on June 9, it looks like the opinion of PC players has improved as the game now features "mixed" reviews on Steam instead of "mostly negative." As of writing, the game still has a total of 108,422 "mostly negative" player reviews, but 4,239 of those recently added indicate they are "mixed."

Journalist Tom Henderson shared recent SteamDB stats on Twitter comparing the Season 1 launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer and Battlefield 2042 and, showing that the latter has managed to retain a decent player base since June 9. Henderson notes that Battlefield 2042 also currently has 3x the players than Halo Infinite on Steam.

Last month, DICE's new GM Rebecka Coutaz responded to the game's poor launch, saying that one of the first issues it had was the organization of the development team and the work-from-home setup brought on by the pandemic.

"Everybody was disappointed--our community, our players and our team as well. It's a team that has invested years of their lives into this game," she added. "And for that game not to live up to any expectations from the team or from the players, that was tough. We are moving forward and we've done a lot of things since then."

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