Battlefield 2042's Next Update Adds A Brand-New Scoreboard

In-game voice chat is set to be added in another update next month.


Players who want to get some more information out of their scoreboard in Battlefield 2042 should be looking forward to tomorrow's patch for the game. Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042 throws a brand-new, information-filled scoreboard into the troubled shooter, as well as a handout from DICE to thank players for their "loyalty."

Tomorrow's rollout of a new scoreboard marks the addition of one of the many legacy features that the game's players have requested. It includes a match overview tab on the leftmost side, which offers a detailed breakdown of points and deaths for each team, as well as personal stats and ribbon progression. The scoreboard itself offers a similarly detailed breakdown of the performance of everyone in the game, showing scores, kills, deaths, assists, and more.

Battlefield 2042's scoreboard should also let players know how many bots are on their or the enemy's team.

Sadly, tomorrow's update for Battlefield 2042 won't include any other features that players have requested. It's not clear when more game modes, like Rush, will be added to the game. However, another update coming to the game in April will add in-game voice chat for squads.

As a thank you to players who have stuck with Battlefield 2042 through its launch, the game's developer has a package of cosmetics for certain players. Anyone who purchased the game's Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Year 1 Pass, or Year 1 Pass and Ultimate Pack upgrade before February 1, as well as EA Play Pro subscribers, will receive the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle. There isn't anything game-changing in the bundle, which consists of weapon and vehicle cosmetics, a new skin for one of the game's Specialists, and a new knife.

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