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Battlefield 2042 Is Finally Adding New Scoreboard, See It Here

DICE outlines the upcoming changes for Battlefield 2042, and a new Scoreboard is among them.


DICE has outlined several key updates and changes coming to Battlefield 2042, which was just recently announced as one of 2021's best-selling games overall.

Update 3.2 is coming January 20, and it will include "a handful of small fixes and improvements" focused on improving overall stability. The full patch notes will be released later today [Update: see the 3.2 patch notes here].

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Update 3.3 is coming in "mid to late" February, DICE said. This is seemingly a bigger update that includes a "refreshed" scoreboard--something that fans have been asking for. It will also include "further changes" that have been in the pipeline since the team returned from the holiday break.

The Scoreboard change is a big one. It changes the UI to include a new panel that shows how players are ranking mid-match against everyone on the server. Here is an early, non-final look at the new Scoreboard:

The new Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard UI
The new Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard UI

DICE said it will continue to update the Scoreboard in the future. "This isn't a one and done deal for us Expect to see us iterate on this further once it's live in game, and we look forward to your feedback once this new Scoreboard goes live in February," DICE said.

Additionally, DICE said it continues to be aware that players are looking for expanded matchmaking preference options in All-Out Warfare and All Platform VOIP. "No updates on these two today but we wanted to reassure you all that these are still front of mind and we’ll have more to show and share on these topics further down the line," DICE said.

And overall, DICE said it is looking to continue to improve Battlefield 2042's game performance. Its teams are looking over data and making additional optimizations to help make Battlefield 2042 run more smoothly.

"Happy New Year! We're hard at work now that we're back. We hope you're all well, safe, and healthy," DICE said.

Battlefield 2042 was 2021's fifth best-selling game in the US, though EA has not announced a specific sales number for the futuristic military shooter.

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