Battlefield 2042 Gun That Was Too OP Has Its 12G Frag Rounds Disabled Temporarily

The shotgun with explosive rounds and incredible range has been nerfed.


Update: The 12G Frag rounds attachment that made the shotgun so overpowered has now been temporarily disabled, as DICE works on a fix. The attachment will be reactivated once the developer finds a way to restore it to its "intended behavior." The original story follows below.

Original story: When it comes to the SPAS-12 shotgun in Battlefield 2042, overpowered is an understatement. In a new update, the high-powered shotgun has become well and truly broken, giving players the ability to one-hit-kills enemies from incredible distances, as demonstrated in a video by YouTuber JackFrags.

While the bugged gun isn't playable in Battlefield 2042 itself, it has appeared in a featured BF3 game mode through Battlefield Portal. In the main game, players are unable to use frag rounds with the SPAS-12, but the deadly combination is still allowed in the BF3 Portal TDM mode. Making the balance issue even worse is the fact that this shotgun seems to have incredible range, with JackFrags regularly getting one hit kills from a distance--at one point even out-sniping an actual sniper.

JackFrags speculated that the bug had been added in a recent patch, however community members on Reddit claim the SPAS-12 bug has existed in Battlefield Portal since the game released. The YouTuber said that he is only uploading the video of his exploits with the broken gun to bring it to the developers' attention, and his strategy appears to have worked. Since the video was released it has been picked up as a known issue by DICE, with community manager Kevin Johnson tweeting that "we're looking into this one."

Until then, players can check out the BF3 TDM mode if they want the experience of being overpowered--or just avoid the mode until the broken gun gets patched.

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