Battlefield 2 update now available

Latest patch for EA's modern combat shooter now available; v1.2 fixes bugs, adjusts balances, expands ranks.


The scope of war is ever-changing. New technology, tactics, and ethics are always altering the way soldiers fight and the way armies approach battles. Just ask Electronic Arts--it thinks troops shouldn't be able to shoot while jumping. That tweak is one of the many fixes included in the latest patch for Battlefield 2, which was released today and is now available for download from GameSpot.

The update comes in two flavors, a full patch (366.2MB) that will update a fresh install of BF2 to v1.2, or an incremental patch (83.5MB) that will update v1.03 or later to v1.2. Several bugs, including "Prone Spamming" and the "Sprint Exploit," have been fixed, and several weapon ratings have been adjusted. While players can no longer jump and shoot at the same time, they can now reload while in a full-blown sprint. A full list of adjustments is available at the links above.

The PC first-person shooter is the sequel to Battlefield 1942, but it updates the time period to the modern era. The game was expanded in November 2005, when the Special Forces expansion was released. A Battlefield 2: Modern Combat spin-off was released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 late last year, and Xbox 360 and PSP versions are currently in the works.

Battlefield 2, developed by Digital Illusions, is rated T for Teen and retails for $49.99. More information is available in GameSpot's review.

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