Battlefield 2: Special Forces Profile Preview - The Vehicles, Equipment, and Weapons of Special Forces

We've got details on all the new vehicles, weapons, and toys that you'll be able to play with in the expansion to this year's hit multiplayer action game.


Battlefield 2: Special Forces is the upcoming expansion pack that will add six new factions, as well as new battlefields and a host of other features, to Battlefield 2, EA and DICE's hit multiplayer action game. As its name suggests, you'll have a chance to play as some of the world's elite Special Forces units in the form of the US Navy SEALs and US Army Delta Force, the British SAS, the Russian Spetsnaz, and the MEC Special Forces. There are also two insurgent factions in the game, to let you play as the rebels.

Special Forces will drop you into new battlefields, with new factions, vehicles, and weapons at your disposal.
Special Forces will drop you into new battlefields, with new factions, vehicles, and weapons at your disposal.

In addition to the new factions, Special Forces will introduce a slew of new weapons, vehicles, and abilities that are designed to maximize your elite abilities. Night vision makes its appearance in Special Forces, as well as grappling hooks, flashbang grenades, and more. Of course, most units will rely on a mix of existing weapons and vehicles, but we got the details on the new gear so you can start planning your strategies. Brace yourselves, because Special Forces is scheduled to ship next month.


No Caption Provided AIL Desert Raider:
The Desert Raider is an Israeli-designed fast attack vehicle. With its multiple mounted machine guns and high degree of maneuverability, the Desert Raider is a dangerous vehicle to contend with. It has three positions, and both passengers have mounted machine guns. It is also light and quick.

No Caption Provided BMP 3 Infantry Combat Vehicle
The BMP 3 is a Russian armored personnel carrier. Its amphibian abilities make it a formidable little vehicle. Its main gun fires a 100mm round, and it also has a small machine gun for alternate fire. There are six positions in the BMP 3: a driver, a gunner, and four passengers. It is more nimble than a tank, but not as nimble as a wheeled APC. It is also more durable than a wheeled APC, though not as strong as a tank.

No Caption Provided Hummer With TOW Missile
This is the faithful Hummer with a TOW missile launcher in place of the roof-mounted machine gun. Unlike the regular Hummer, the TOW variant has room only for a driver and a missile operator. The performance of the TOW variant is otherwise identical to the regular Hummer.

Civilian Truck
This is a pickup truck with a mounted machine gun in the bed. It's quick and dangerous but doesn't have armor.

Civilian Car
The civilian car is a simple automobile with no weapons. It provides quick, basic transportation.

No Caption Provided ATV
The ATV is all about having a good time, crazy stunts, and getting to places normally not accessible by traditional Battlefield vehicles. Its high speed and maneuverability mean lightning-quick attacks and speedy getaways. The ATV has room for just a driver.

No Caption Provided Jet Ski
Why should the fun stop on land? The Jet Ski is the water-going version of the dirt bike and is the fastest way to travel from point A to point B on water. Its light weight and power also make it able to hop over items in the water. Like the ATV, the Jet Ski has room only for the driver.

No Caption Provided Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter
The Apache Longbow is a close support attack helicopter. Like other Battlefield 2 gunships, it has room for a two-man crew. It can carry 16 missiles, and it also packs a nose-mounted cannon.

No Caption Provided MI 35 Hind
The pride of the Russian rotary fleet, the Hind is still a versatile attack and transport helicopter capable of holding six men. It is equipped with missiles as well as a nose-mounted autocannon.


No Caption Provided Grappling Hook
Using the same control scheme as a grenade (just aim and shoot), the grappling hook can be thrown at and hooked onto any horizontal edge on a structure. This lets you climb up any building by creating a makeshift ladder.

No Caption Provided Zip Line
Using a crossbow, you can fire the zip line at any vertical surface, and its end will stick. The opposite end will attach to the surface you're standing on. Once it's in place, you can enter the zip line like you enter a vehicle and slide along the rope. When you reach the other end, the zip line resets and is ready for the next player to use.

No Caption Provided Flashbang
The flashbang in itself does not cause damage to a target, but it will blind anyone within its radius for several moments. This radius is somewhat larger than that of a regular grenade. Once blinded, the victim is vulnerable to an attack

No Caption Provided Tear Gas
The tear gas grenade is similar to the flashbang in its intended result, that being to incapacitate an enemy in order to kill him. When sprayed with tear gas, a player will have severe visual limitations imposed on him by way of blurred vision and the gas cloud.

No Caption Provided


H&K G36E
The H&K G36E is an SAS weapon. It features selective fire modes and has a 30-round magazine.

No Caption Provided H&K MG36
The H&K MG36 machine gun is another SAS weapon. It also features selective fire modes, but it packs a bigger, 100-round magazine.

No Caption Provided FN F2000
The FN 2000 assault rifle is another SAS weapon. Like other Battlefield 2 assault rifles, it features an attached, single-shot grenade launcher. The assault rifle features selective fire modes and has a 30-round magazine

No Caption Provided H&K MP-7
The H&K MP-7 is yet another SAS weapon. This small submachine gun has selective fire modes and a 20-round magazine.

No Caption Provided XM26 M4A1 combo
The XM26 M4A1 is a combination assault rifle and shotgun used by US forces. The assault rifle has selective fire modes and a 30-round magazine, while the single-shot shotgun has a five-round magazine.

No Caption Provided FN Scar Light & Heavy
The FN Scar Light & Heavy is another US assault rifle. It features selective fire modes and a 30-round magazine.

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