Battlefield 2 patched to 1.02

Important update fixes server crashes in Digital Illusions' top-selling PC shooter.


Upon the release of the first patch of Electronic Arts' Battlefield 2, fans of the modern combat shooter got some unexpected new enemies...namely server crashes. Version 1.01 may have made finding and connecting to a multiplayer game easier, but it also inadvertently made it difficult to stay in a game. The patch accidentally caused a server memory leak, which would cause the game's servers to crash.

It would seem simple for developers to write up some scripts that automatically rebooted the servers upon crashing, but this problem required a manual reboot at the hands of a human being. In a matter of unfortunate timing, the release of version 1.01 happened to coincide with Digital Illusions' annual one-month vacation, forcing the Swedish developer to bring some employees back from holiday early to create a new patch.

Version 1.02 is finally here and is now available on GameSpot DLX. The 16.8MB download fixes the memory leak and provides smoother online performance.

Battlefield 2 is rated T for Teen and sells for $49.99. For more information on the game, read GameSpot's full review.

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