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Battlefield 1's Weekly Challenges Detailed

Unlock Medals to earn XP bonuses and prove you're the best.


Battlefield 1 developer DICE has detailed weekly challenges for the game, which will take the form of Medals that have "specific unlock criteria" but can be unlocked "whether you're an ace pilot or a trusted team player."

"Battlefield veterans will notice some changes in how the commemorations work this time around. Each Medal still has a specific unlock criteria," DICE explained on the Battlefield website. "In Battlefield 1 you have the freedom to choose which medals to pursue."

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There will be a total of five Medals to unlock per week and new challenges will be rotated in at the end of the seven day period. Players can pick one of these and track progress for it. Switching to another game mode or another class will allow you to pursue another Medal without losing progress.

"This goes hand in hand with the philosophy of choice in Battlefield 1," the studio said. "To find something that caters to your play style at any given moment, you are free to choose which Medal you're currently most interested in tracking. You can only track one Medal at the time, but if you change game mode or role you can switch focus and go for another Medal. Your progression will be kept as long as the weekly reset hasn’t happened yet."

To earn a medal, there are "three or five" stages to a challenge that must be completed. Naturally, each new level is "harder or more extensive" than the previous one. DICE highlighted this by focusing on the Medic's "Order of Hippocrates" Medal.

"Here, the stages tie into skills that make a good Medic, i.e. getting 20 kills with Medic weapons, healing teammates 100 times, and completing 20 revives. You’ll be informed by the tracker when a stage is complete."

The "Legion of Glory" Medal, on the other hand, was used as an example of excelling in multiple disciplines to earn a Medal. For this, you'll need to "play as different classes and support your squad by doing repairs, heals, and resupplies."

There are 34 Medals in total and unlocking each one will also score you an XP bonus. Each Medal can be obtained 100 times.

Battlefield 1 launches out on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. EA/Origin Access members can start playing on October 13, while people who buy the Early Enlister edition can get in on October 18.

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