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Battlefield 1's Premium Pass and First DLC Expansion Detailed [UPDATE]

The French join the fight in March 2017 as the first of Battlefield 1's four expansions.


Update: For those who want Battlefield 1 and its Premium Pass, EA will offer an Ultimate Edition for $130. This consists of the game's deluxe edition and the Premium Pass. This is separate from the previously announced Collector's Edition, which apparently won't come with the Premium Pass.

Original Story: Battlefield 1's Premium Pass will include early access to new multiplayer maps, four digital expansions, and a range of new weapons, dog tags, and skins.

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As detailed on the game's Origin page, it will cost $49.99/£39.99 and the first expansion for it is called "They Shall Not Pass." It will introduce the French army to DICE's large-scale World War I shooter from March 2017.

"Scout ahead with a two-week head start on four themed expansion packs. And France joins the fight in all new multiplayer maps," reads the product description. Following this, another expansion "will bring the Russian Empire into the battle."

Items such as weapons, dog tags, and skins will be delivered as monthly Battlepacks starting from November 2016.

"Get ready for new Operations and game modes, new Elite classes, weapons, vehicles, and more," the description continues. "The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes 16 new multiplayer maps, 20 new weapons, 14 unique dog tags, and 14 Battlefield 1 Battlepacks containing stand-out weapon skins. Each Battlepack is delivered monthly, starting November 2016."

Battlefield 1's release date has been confirmed as October 21. This is just a few days before Titanfall 2's October 28 release date. According to EA, having both games launch alongside each other will strengthen its position in the shooter genre, instead of cannibalising the sales of both game.

"[Shooters are] a giant category in our industry, $4.5 billion, there's a very broad and diverse set of players who are looking to fulfill different gameplay motivations," chief executive Andrew Wilson previously said. "Some people play very quick play, some people play more strategic, some people want both in different context.

"We feel we have a really strong position to deliver the broader set of gameplay mechanics as it relates to the first-person shooter genre across two titles. I feel very confident that we are well positioned to do very well in that category in the year."

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